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Dear Investor,

Picking individual stocks is HARD.

Most billion dollar hedge funds struggle to beat the returns of the S&P 500.

Only relying on stock picks to build your wealth is a losing strategy.

So what's the solution?

Enter the Barbell Strategy.

The Barbell Strategy protects you from catastrophic losses that can take you out of the game.

But it also gives you chances to make big gains.

On one side of the barbell you have most of your portfolio (85%) in boring investments like index funds and bonds.

Then on the other side – the remaining 15% goes into hyper aggressive investments.

Places where you might lose your money, but where there’s also no limit to how much money you could make.

ticker nerd barbell strategy

That’s where Ticker Nerd comes in.

Our goal is to help you find stocks that have massive upside.

Hyper aggressive investments that have the potential to 10x .

We’re able to do this using our proprietary data sources, custom software, and our insanely thorough screening process.

Our team of analysts have already sent our members winners like TransMedics Group (+74%), Builders FirstSource (+128%), and Signify Health (+53%) just to name a few.

Now we’re not telling you what to do. 

All we're saying is this:

Those that balance their portfolios between safe and high risk bets can build life changing wealth. 

But the window of opportunity is closing.

Do you want to sit on the sidelines and miss out on life-changing returns?

Do you want to wait another five to six years for the next bull market?

Of course you don’t.

The next step is the easiest one you will ever make.

Just click the button below to get started.

Returns as of 17 May 2023

How it works

We use advanced software to track hundreds of signals and data points to find stocks before they blow up.
This includes:
From there our crew of seasoned analysts dig deep into the stocks that make it through our insanely thorough screening process.
At this point there are only 1-2 stocks that make the cut and each month we send you a report that breaks down what they find.
transmedic issue

TransMedics Group +84% return since we covered it in our March 2021 issue.

(as of 28 April 2023)

What’s included

With a Ticker Nerd Essentials membership your reports will include:

Get analyst ratings for every stock

Screenshot of Ticker Nerd Report Database

Here are some of the stocks we've covered

stocks 1
stocks 4
stocks 3

Returns as of 20 June 2023. These figures are not intended to be a forecast, nor do they fully represent our reports. Past performance does not indicate future performance, and Ticker Nerd does not recommend stocks. 

Never miss an opportunity again with Ticker Nerd

Insights you won’t find anywhere else

We use advanced software to track hundreds of signals and data points to help us filter through the noise and find high-quality stocks.

Unbiased & no agenda

Other services are filled with opinions, recommendations, and pump-and-dump stocks. Ticker Nerd reports are 100% unbiased, objective, and data-driven.

Early opportunities

No one wants to hear about a stock after it’s gone up 32,345%. We look for stocks that still have huge upsides according to the data.

Simple and easy to understand.

You don’t need another boring financial report to read. Each monthly report is simple and easy to understand with sources for you to go deeper if you wish.

Save 80+ hours of research per month

Our team digs through hundreds of financial reports, earnings results, investor presentations, and 10-Ks every month so you don’t have to.

No more complicated tools or dashboards

Have you ever tried using a Bloomberg terminal? We have. It sucks. All you’ll need to get up to speed each month is a comfortable chair, 5 minutes of your time, and maybe a cup of coffee.

What do investors say about Ticker Nerd?

“Been trying to automate my finance stuff for a while, namely around repeatable analysis and then I go and find @TickerNerd ?! Simple, straightforward and easy to digest stock analytics straight to your inbox (y'all like data right?”
Nicholas R
Data Scientist at IBM
“I feel like I have investment superpower when I read . It is full packed of investment insight that is not available anywhere else online. It is the one email that I look forward to, every single week!”
JP Charles
Founder of eCommerce Boost
“Super Impressed with @TickerNerd. I no longer need to take out too much time to find and research stocksLove how they breakdown why the stocks are spiking in interest, plus the overview of who is investing in themBig fan, props to the team.”
Dejan M
Director of Innovation at Local Search
"Quick digestible bits with the pros/cons of a few handpicked stocks by the editors and their software, makes this newsletter a great read. They give you what you need to make an informed buying decision and 'weed' out all the noice on social media."
Morris S
Founder of GetKosher
"Ticker Nerd's value is insane. I allot funds for stock but no time for research/plan. That's when Ticker Nerd comes handy. It has market analysis & breakdowns published with a summary of key events, stock's current interest level, and the risks associated with it. Totally worth it."
Founder of Hatrio Global
"I find myself jumping from one subreddit to another. Thankfully Ticker Nerd prevents this and has given me everything I need to know in a digestible report. I particularly like seeing the risks section since it gives me more clarity on why a stock might not perform."
Marty Y
Founder of Great Software
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Frequently asked questions

Ever felt overwhelmed trying to figure out which stock to jump on next? Only hear about a stock after the stock price blows up? Not interested in spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours researching stocks? Ticker Nerd is for you.

Trying to find a stock you can pump and dump this week? Want to make a quick buck overnight? Ticker Nerd is not for you. We only send high-quality stock ideas that have long-term value.  

Yes. Once you signup for the free trial you’ll get access to our database of reports along with one of our favorites sent straight to your inbox. 

Ticker Nerd only covers the NYSE and NASDAQ. This may change in the future. 

Ticker Nerd DOESN'T:

1. Forecast stock prices
2. Suggest stocks to invest in
3. Predict daily stock price movements

Once again, Ticker Nerd will never pick or recommend a stock. All reports are data-driven, unbiased, and objective. Ticker Nerd will save you lots of time but works best when combined with your own research.

All content, messaging, tweets, newsletters, articles, and emails created by Ticker Nerd is intended for educational and information purposes only, and is not financial, investment, legal or tax advice, and is a restatement, summary or extract of other data and research reports that are widely distributed from sources such as, but not limited to, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Wall Street Journal, Google Finance, and Yahoo Finance. 

We’re big fans of Seeking Alpha, in fact, we use them sometimes. 

However, Ticker Nerd members are trying to save time and money. Seeking Alpha is expensive and requires hours of deep research to find something worth looking into. Ticker Nerd makes this a thing of the past and gives you everything you need to know in a five-minute report each month.

Great question. First and foremost Ticker Nerd will never ever recommend a stock for you to buy. We also don’t hold any positions in any of the stocks we cover so we can’t profit from our members. We’re here to help our investors, not use them to our advantage. All Ticker Nerd reports are unbiased, with no agenda, and rely heavily on the data and research.

No catch, no commitment, cancel anytime via your account or email us at hello@tickernerd.com. But if you decide Ticker Nerd isn't for you within the first 30 days we will refund your membership and cancel your account no questions asked. Simply email hello@tickernerd.com and let us know why.