The 350 Companies That Had Their IPO In 1998

companies that had their ipo in 1998 updated

What seems like yesterday was over 20 years ago.

So we're hopping into a time capsule to revisit an unforgettable year – 1998. 

This was when over 350 companies took the plunge with their Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Whether its stock is climbing, it was acquired, or liquidated, each company's journey holds unique lessons that we can leverage in today's competitive business landscape.

So in this article, I'm going to share the companies that went public and how they're doing today.

Major world events that happened in 1998 that affected the stock markets

Before we get into the list of companies, it's important to reflect on all of the major events that occurred. Some of which had major influence over the companies that went public. Each of these events left a mark on the companies that debuted on the stock market in 1998. You might even remember them vividly.

Dot-com Boom Ignites: 1998 was a hot year for tech with big Internet companies like and GeoCities going public. But the dot-com party didn't last forever, as these companies would see a major downturn just a few years later (p.s. take a look at IPOs that occurred in 1999, 2001, and 2001 for some hints).

Asian Financial Crisis: Despite the Asian financial crisis that started in 1997, companies like China Telecom (now China Mobile) braved the storm and went public, showing resilience in tough economic times which reinforced how bullish they were.

Microsoft Legal Battle: In 1998, the U.S. Department of Justice and 20 states took Microsoft to court over antitrust issues. This caused ripples in the tech industry, casting a shadow over tech IPOs during the year.

Merger Fever: Big corporate mergers were the talk of the town. Exxon and Mobil joined forces to become the world's largest company, ExxonMobil. This caused a stir in the market and influenced the performance of public companies in related sectors.

Economic Shakeups: The Russian financial crisis in 1998 sent shockwaves through global markets when the government defaulted on its debt. This naturally scared investors and affected the performance of companies that went public in 1998.

4 household brand names that had their IPO in 1998

1. Adams Golf (acquired)

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: 3D Printing, Manufacturing, Sports
  • IPO Price: $16
  • IPO Date: July 10, 1998

Adams Golf

If you've ever played Golf then Adams Golf products might be a staple in your collection. They specialize in creating high-performance clubs that are designed to help golfers of all levels improve their game. Their products include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, and golf bags. They also offer custom fitting services to ensure that golfers get the perfect clubs for their game. Over the years they've built one of the best sporting brands which eventually led to their acquisition.

2. DoubleClick (acquired by Google)

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Online Advertising
  • IPO Price: $29
  • IPO Date: February 1998

DoubleClick was a well-known digital marketing company that provided “pay-per-click” ad services to businesses that wanted to reach their target audiences. It offered a range of other services, including ad serving, search engine marketing, display advertising, and analytics. It was eventually acquired by Google in a very lucrative deal.

3. eBay

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Internet Retail
  • IPO Price: $18
  • IPO Date: September 4, 1998

eBay was the reason I made my first dollar online. It's where I learned how to buy and sell used goods and it eventually become a website I was using daily. For those that aren't familiar, they're an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell goods and services. Whilst eBay was one of the earlier innovators, companies like Amazon have eaten into their market share.

4. Muji (Owned by Ryohin Keikaku Co Ltd)

  • Country: Japan
  • Stock Exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX)
  • Industry: Retail
  • IPO Price: N/A
  • IPO Date: December 14, 1998

Muji is a Japanese retail company that offers a wide range of products, from clothing and furniture to stationery and food. This is actually one of my favorite stationary brands, I don't actually own any stationary other than Muji! Their focus is on providing high-quality, affordable items that are simple and functional. Muji's philosophy is to reduce waste and promote sustainability, something very popular in 2023.

350+ companies that had their IPO in 1998

Company NameCurrent StatusFounding DateTicker Symbol
1-800 CONTACTS INCActive1995CTAC
21st Century Holding CompanyActive1983TCHC
800 Travel Systems IncUnknown1995IFLY
Abgenix IncAcquired by Amgen.1996ABGX
AboveNet Communications IncAcquired by Zayo Group.1996ABOV
ACLN LtdUnknown1978ACLNF
ACSYS IncActive1997ACSY
Actuate Software CorpAcquired by OpenText.1994ACTU
Adams Golf IncAcquired by TaylorMade1987ADGO
Admiralty Bancorp Inc, FLActive1987AAABB
Advanced Communications GroupUnknown1987ADG
Allegiance Telecom IncAcquired1997ALGX
Alstom SAActiveN/AALS
Ambassador Eyewear Group IncActiveN/AAEY
Ambient CorporationInactive.1996ABTG
Amdocs LtdActive1982DOX
American Aircarriers SupportUnknown1985AIRS
American Bank Note HolographActive1993ABH
American Dental Partners IncActive1995ADPI
American Safety Insurance HldAcquired by Fairfax1986ASI
American Xtal TechnologyActive1986AXTI
Amkor Technology IncActive1970AMKR
Amresco Capital TrustInactiveN/AAMCT
Annuity and Life RE HoldingsActive1997ALREF
AnswerThink Consulting GroupAcquired1997ANSR
Anthracite CapitalAcquiredN/AAHR
Anworth Mortgage Asset CorpActiveN/AANH
AquaPenn Spring Water Co IncActive1986APN
ARM Holdings PLCAcquired by NVIDIAN/AARMHY
Artificial Life IncInactive1994ALIF
Artisan Components IncAcquired by ARM1991ARTI
Aspec Technology IncUnknown1991ASPC
Associated Materials IncAcquired by Ply Gem Industries Inc.1986SIDE
Astropower IncInactive1983APWR
Asymetrix Learning Systems IncInactive.1984ASYM
ATG IncAcquired by Uber.1976ATGC
Atlantic Data Services IncInactive.1980ADSC
Aurora Foods IncAcquired1901AOR
Balance Bar CoAcquired by NBTY Inc.1992BBAR
Balanced Care CorpInactive.1995BAL
Banc Corp, Birmingham,AlabamaActive1957TBNC
Banco Santander de Puerto RicoActiveN/ASBP
BankFirst CorpActive1988BKFR
Bebe Stores IncInactive1976BEBE
Bindview DevelopmentInactive1990BVEW
BioShield Technologies IncActiveN/AMVLA
Birner Dental Mngmt Svcs IncActive1995BDMS
BlackRock High Yield TrustActiveN/ABHY
Blue Rhino CorpActive1994RINO
Blue River Bancshares IncActive1937BRBI
BMJ Medical Management IncUnknown1996BONS
BNC Mortgage IncInactive1995BNCM
BrightStar Information TechActive1987BTSR
Brio Technology IncUnknown1989BRYO
Broadcast.Com IncAcquired by Yahoo!1995BCST
Broadcom CorpAcquired by Avago.1991BRCM
Burnham Pacific Properties IncInactiveN/ABPP
C2I Solutions IncActive1996CTWO
Cabot Industrial TrustActiveN/ACTR
Caliber Learning Network IncInactive1996CLBR
Capital Automotive REITActive1997CARS
Capstar Broadcasting CorpAcquired1996CRB
Cardinal Financial CorporationAcquired by United Bankshares, Inc.1997CFNL
Career Education CorpActive1994CECO
Carreker-Antinori IncAcquired by Fiserv.1978CANI
Carrier Access CorporationInactive1992CACS
Cash Technologies IncInactive.1995CHNG
Cavanaughs Hospitality CorpUnknown1969CVH
CDnow IncAcquired.1994CDNW
Celestica IncActive1923CLS
Central European DistributionActive1990CEDC
Championship Auto Racing TeamsDefunct1978OPW
Charles River Associates IncActive1965CRAI
Chartwell Div and Income FdActiveN/ACWF
Chastain Capital CorpInactiveN/ACHAS
Citadel Communications CorpActive1984CITC
Clark/Bardes Holdings IncAcquired by Aon.1967CLKB
Clarkston Financial CorpInactive.N/A
Cleveland Indians BaseballActive1901CLEV
CNB Holdings IncUnknown.N/A
Cognizant Technology SolutionsActive1994CTSH
Collateral Therapeutics IncAcquired by Schering-Plough1995CLTX
Colorado Business BanksharesAcquired1980COBZ
Columbia Sportswear CoActive1938COLM
COM21 IncInactive1992CMTO
Command Systems IncActive1985CMND
Compass International SvcsActive1997CMPS
Computer Literacy IncInactive.1994CMPL
CompX International IncActive1993CIX
Concur Technologies IncAcquired by SAP.1993CNQR
Condor Technology SolutionsActive1996CNDR
Conoco(EI du Pont de Nemours)Active1875COC
Conrad IndustriesActive1948CNRD
Conseco Strategic Income FundActiveN/ACFD
Convergys(Cincinnati Bell)Acquired by Concentrix.1983CVG
Corporate High Yield Fund IIIActiveN/ACYE
Cost U Less IncUnknown1989CULS
Cowlitz Bancorp, Longview, WAActive1978CWLZ
CPS Systems IncActive1975SYS
CrediTrust CorporationInactive.1991CRDT
Crown Castle InternationalActive1994CCI
Crusader Holding Corp, PAActive1943CRSB
CSK Auto CorpAcquired by O'Reilly Auto Parts1917CAO
CulturalAccessWorldwide IncUnknown1983CAWW
Cumulus Media IncActive1941CMLS
Cunningham Graphics Inter IncUnknown1989CGII
CuraGen CorpInactive1991CRGN
Curtis InternationalActive1990CURTF
Cyberian OutpostInactive1995COOL
CyberShop International IncInactive.1994CYSP
DA Consulting Group IncActive1984DACG
Dearborn Bancorp IncAcquired by TCF Financial Corporation1992DEAR
Debt Strategies Fund II IncActiveN/ADSU
Debt Strategies Fund IIIActiveN/ADBU
Decoma InternationalAcquired by Magna International1957DECAF
Dectron Internationale IncActive1977DECT
Delicious Brands IncActive1988DBSI
Digital River IncActive1994DRIV
Dispatch Management ServicesActive1996DMSC
Diversified Senior ServicesUnknown1996DISS
Dorel Industries IncActive1962DIIBF
DoubleClick IncAcquired by Google.1996DCLK
Dreyfus High Yld Strategies FdActiveN/ADHF
DSET CorpUnknown1989DSET
Duane Reade IncAcquired by Walgreens1960DRD
E-Tek Dynamics IncInactive1983ETEK
EarthShell CorpInactive.1992ERTH
EarthWeb IncAcquired by Dice Holdings Inc.1994EWBX
eBay IncActive1995EBAY
Echelon CorpActive1988ELON
Eclipsys CorpAcquired by Allscripts1995ECLP
ElderTrust Realty GroupActive1997ETT
Electronics Boutique Hldng CorAcquired by GameStop.1977ELBO
Entrust Technologies IncAcquired by Datacard Group.1994ENTU
Equant NVAcquired by Orange.1991ENT
Equity One IncAcquired by Regency Centers Corporation1992EQY
Evolving Systems IncActive1985EVOL
Exchange Applications IncInactive1994EXAP
Exodus Communications IncDefunct1992EXDS
Extended Systems IncAcquired by Sybase.1984XTND
Factual Data CorpActiveN/AFDCC
Federated InvestorsActive1957FII
First Community CorpActiveN/A
First Consulting Group IncAcquired by CSC1980FCGI
First Virtual CorpInactive1993FVCX
FirstLink Communications IncUnknown1994FLCI
Florida Banks IncActive1997FLBK
Fox Entertainment Group IncAcquired by Disney1985FOX
Freedom Securities CorpInactive.1975FSI
Frisby Technologies IncInactive.1989FRIZ
Frontline Communications CorpActive1997FCCN
Fundtech LtdAcquired by D+H Corporation.1993FNDTF
Galvestons Steakhouse CorpUnknown1996SIZL
Genesis Direct IncUnknown1995GEND
Genesis Microchip IncAcquired by STMicroelectronics1987GNSS
Gerber Childrenswear(Gerber)Active1989GCW
Giga Information Group IncAcquired by Forrester Research Inc.1993GIGX
Gildan Activewear IncActive1984GIL
GLB Bancorp Inc, Mentor, OhioAcquired by First Commonwealth Bank.1994GLBK
Global Crossing LtdBankrupt1997GBLC
Global Imaging Systems IncAcquired by Xerox.1994GISX
Global TeleSystems Group IncAcquired1983GTSG
Global Vacation Group IncUnknown1959GVG
Global-Tech AppliancesAcquired by Welbilt1991GAI
Golden State VintnersAcquired1933VINT
Grand Court Lifestyles IncInactive1996GCLI
Guaranty Bancshares IncActive1913GNTY
Happy Kids IncUnknown1979HKID
Harvey Electronics IncInactive1926HRVE
Hastings Entertainment IncBankrupt1968HAST
Havana Group IncUnknown1957HVGPU
Hawk CorpInactive.1989HWK
Hawker Pacific AerospaceAcquired by Jet Aviation1980HPAC
Headlands Mortgage Corp, CAInactive.1981HDLD
Heller Financial IncAcquired1919HF
Hines Horticulture IncAcquired1920HORT
HLM Design IncActive1997HLMD
Hometown Auto Retailers IncActive1993HCAR
Horizon Medical Products IncUnknown1990HMPS
Horizon Offshore IncInactive1995HOFF
Horizon Organic Holding CorpAcquired by Danone.1991HCOW
Host America CorpInactive1985CAFE
Hyperion TelecommunicationsInactive1991HYPT
Hypertension Diagnostics IncInactive.N/AHDII
IBS Interactive IncInactive.1995IBSX
ICO Global CommunicationsInactive1995ICOGF
Icon CMT CorpActive1991ICMT
IDG Books Worldwide IncAcquired1990IDGB
Incam AGActiveN/AINAGY
Indigo Aviation ABActive1988IAABY
Industrial Rubber Products IncActive1986INRB
Infinity Broadcasting CorpAcquired1972INF
Information Holdings IncUnknown1996IHI
Inktomi CorporationAcquired by Yahoo.1996INKT
Innotrac CorpAcquired by Radial Inc.1984INOC
Integrated Electrical ServicesActive1962IES
Integrated Sensor Solutions InActive1989ISNR
Interactive MagicInactive1994IMGK
InterCept Group IncAcquired by Fidelity National Information Services (FIS)1986ICG
International Integration IncUnknown.1981ICUB
Internet America IncActive1995GEEK
Interplay EntertainmentActive1982IPLY
Iomed IncInactive1974IOX
ISS Group IncActive1992ISSX
iXOS SoftwareActiveN/AXOSY
Jenkon InternationalInactive1982JNKN
Jinpan International LtdAcquired by Hauman Technologies Corporation.1997JST
Keebler Foods CoAcquired by Kellogg's.1853KBL
King Pharmaceuticals IncAcquired1993KING
Knight Trimark GroupAcquired by TD Securities1986NITE
L-3 Communications HoldingsAcquired by Harris Corporation1977LLL
Ladish Co IncAcquired by ATI1987LDSH
Lamar Capital CorpActive1904LCCO
LandCARE USA IncActive1997GRW
Lincoln Heritage CorporationActive1980LHC
LJ International IncInactive.1987JADEF
LJL BiosystemsInactive1988LJLB
LMI Aerospace IncAcquired by Sonaca Group.1948LMIA
Macatawa Bank CorporationActiveN/A
Managed High Yield Plus FundActiveN/AHYF
Manhattan Associates IncActive1990MANH
Master Graphics IncUnknown1968MAGR
Maxtor CorpAcquired by Seagate.1982MXTR
Med-Emerg International IncUnknownN/AMDERF
MegaBank Financial CorpActive1984MBFC
Mercury Computer Systems IncAcquired by Vector Capital1981MRCY
Merge Technologies IncActive1986MRGE
Merkert American CorporationInactive.1934MERK
Merrill Merchants BancsharesActive1992MERB
MetroCorp Bancshares IncAcquired.1987MCBI
MGC Communications IncInactive1996MGCX
Micromuse, IncAcquired by IBM.1989MUSE
MicroStrategy IncActive1989MSTR
Midwest Banc Holdings IncAcquired.1983MBHI
Miller Exploration CoInactive1925MEXP
MIPS Technologies IncAcquired by Wave Computing.1992MIPS
Mobius Management Systems IncInactive1981MOBI
MONY Group IncAcquired by AXA.1901MNY
MuniHoldings CA Insd Fund IIActiveN/AMUC
MuniHoldings California IIIActiveN/AMCF
MuniHoldings Florida In Fd IIIActiveN/AMFD
MuniHoldings Florida Ins IIActiveN/AMUF
MuniHoldings Fund II IncActiveN/AMUH
MuniHoldings Insured Fund IncActiveN/AMUS
MuniHoldings New JerseyActiveN/AMUJ
MuniHoldings New York Fund IncActiveN/AMUN
MuniHoldings NJ Insured Fd IIActiveN/AMWJ
MuniHoldings NY Ins Fund IIActiveN/AMNU
Muse Technologies IncUnknownN/AMUZE
Nanogen IncInactive1991NGEN
National Equipment ServicesUnknown1979NSV
NationsRent IncInactive1997NRI
Natrol IncAcquired by Aurobindo Pharma.1981NTOL
Navigant International IncActive1983FLYR
NEFF CorpActive1988NFF
NetGravity IncAcquired by DoubleClick.1995NETG
Network-1 Security SolutionsActive1990NSSI
New American Healthcare CorpUnknown1995NAH
Newmark Homes CorpActive1983NHCH
Noga Electronics LtdActive1986NOGAF
Northeast Optic Network IncUnknown1981NOPT
Nutraceutical InternationalActive1993NUTR
Omega Protein CorporationAcquired by Cooke Inc.1913OME
ONIX Systems IncInactive.1994ONX
Ontro IncUnknownN/AONTR
Ophidian Pharmaceuticals IncInactiveN/AOPHD
Paradigm Geophysical LtdUnknown1988PGEOF
PawnMart IncActive1994PMRT
PBOC Holdings Inc, CAActive1987PBOC
PC Connection IncActive1983PCCC
Pentacon IncUnknown1997JIT
Pentegra Dental Group IncActive1997PEN
PF Chang's China Bistro IncActive1993PFCB
Philips International RealtyActiveN/APHR
Pilot Network ServicesInactive1992PILT
PMCC Financial CorpInactive.1991PFC
Point of Sale LtdUnknown1982POSI
Pointe Financial Corp, FLActive1993PNTE
Professional Detailing IncActive1988PDII
Prosperity Bancshares Inc, TXActive1983PRSP
Provant IncInactive1996POVT
Province Healthcare CoUnknown1975PRHC
Quanta Services IncActive1997PWR
Ragen MacKenzie Group IncUnknown1982RMG
RailWorks CorpActive1966RWKS
Rainbow RentalsInactive.1986RBOW
Realax Software AGActiveN/ARLAXY
Realty Information Group IncActive1987RIGX
Registry Magic IncUnknown1995RMAG
Reltec CorpInactive.1938RLT
Republic BancorpActive1982RBCAA
Republic Banking Corp, MiamiActive1965RBCF
Republic Services IncActive1975RSG
ResortQuest InternationalAcquired1997RZT
Resource Asset InvestmentActive1997RAS
Restoration Hardware IncActive1987RSTO
Rhodia SA(Rhone-Poulenc)Acquired by Solvay.N/ARHA
RiboGene IncInactive.1989RBO
Ritchie Bros Auctioneers IncActive1963RBA
Rock Financial CorpAcquired by Quicken Loans.1985RCCK
Rockwell Medical TechnologiesActiveN/ARMTI
Rollerball International IncInactive.1994ROLL
Rosedale Decorative ProductsInactive1913ROSDF
Royal Olympic Cruises IncInactive1995ROCLF
SCC Communications CorpInactive1979SCCX
Schein Pharmaceutical IncInactive1985SHP
School Specialty IncActive1960SCHS
SCNV Acquisition CorpActiveN/ASAQCU
Select Comfort CorpAcquired by Serta Simmons Bedding LLC1987AIRB
Sherwood Brands IncActive1982SHD
Shoe Pavilion IncInactive1979SHOE
Showpower IncUnknown1987SHO CorpInactive1994SWNT
Softworks IncUnknown1977SWRX
Sonic Foundry IncActiveN/ASFO
SQL Financials InternationalInactive1991SQLF
Standard Automotive CorpInactive1997AJX
Stav Electrical Systems (1994)Active1994SES
Steelcase IncActive1912SCS
STET Hellas TelecommunicationsActiveN/ASTHLY
Steven Myers & Associates IncActive1982WINS
SurModics IncActive1979SRDX
Swisscom AGActiveN/ASCM
Symphonix Devices IncInactive1994SMPX
Tag-It Pacific IncInactive1997TAG
Tam Restaurants IncUnknown1981TAMR
Tarpon Coast Bancorp IncAcquired by Stonegate BankN/A
Team Communication Group IncUnknown1995TMTV
Technisource IncAcquired.1987TSRC
Terayon Communication SystemsAcquired by Motorola1993TERN incInactive.1995TGLO
Ticketmaster Online-CitySearchActive1996TMCS
Towne Services IncInactive.1995TWNE
Transnational Financial CorpUnknown1985TFN
Transportation Components IncActive1997TUI
Travelers Corporate Loan FundActiveN/ATLI
Tricom SAUnknownN/ATDR
Tristar Aerospace CoActive1973TSX
Tweeter Home EntertainmentBankrupt1983TWTR
Ultimate Software GroupAcquired by Kronos Incorporated1990ULTI
UniCapital CorporationInactive.1972UCP
Unigraphics Solutions IncAcquired by Siemens.1991UGS
Uniservice CorpActive1997UNSRA
United Financial Holdings IncActive1982UFHI
United Financial MortgageActive1986UFM
United Investors Realty TrustActiveN/AUIRT
United Panam Financial CorpInactive1994UPFC
United Road Services IncActive1997URSI
Ursus Telecom CorporationInactive1993UTCC
US LEC CorpAcquired1996CLEC
USN CommunicationsInactive.1993USNC
Vail Banks IncInactive1977VAIL
Van Kampen Senior Income TrustActiveN/AVVR
Verio IncInactive1996VRIO
VeriSign IncActive1995VRSN
VI Technologies IncInactive1983VITX
ViaGrafix CorpInactive.1989VIAX
Visual NetworksInactive1994VNWK
Vysis IncAcquired by Abbott Laboratories.1991VYSI
Waddell & Reed Financial IncAcquired by Macquarie Group.1937WDR
Washington Banking CompanyAcquired by Heritage Bank1961WBCO
Waste Connections IncActive1997WCNX
Waterside Capital CorpInactive.N/AWSCC
Wilshire Real Estate Inv TrustActiveN/AWREI IncAcquired by PayPal.1996XMCM
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co LtdActive1976YZC
Young & Rubicam IncActive1923YNR
Ziff-Davis Inc(Softbank Corp)Active1927ZD
List of companies that had their IPO in 1998 and their current status

Frequently asked questions

How many IPOs were there in 1998? 

There were approximately 380 IPOs in 1998 according to Wikipedia, Crunchbase, Yahoo Finance, Techcrunch, and Jay R. Ritter’s data from UF Warrington College of Business. However, it’s hard to find a complete list of every company that has hit the stock exchange for the first time since the global data is fragmented. Please do your own research to confirm this figure.

Which company that had its IPO in 1998 is currently valued the highest?

As of June 2023, Republic Services leads with a market capitalization of $45B. Of course, this is subject to change and you should check for the latest data. 

Which companies that had their IPO in 1998 are now defunct?

So far four companies have been classified as “defunct”, including Cyberian Outpost, Superior Bancior, RAIT Financial Trust, and There is likely more since many were acquired and then absorbed into other brands.

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