The 565 Companies That Had Their IPO In 1999

companies that had their ipo in 1999 updated

With over 560 IPOs in 1999, it was clear the dot-com bubble was heating up.

This resulted in an unprecedented number of internet-based companies hitting the stock exchange.

So in this article, you can expect to learn what actually happened in 1999, which companies went public, how they're doing today, and the companies that have been the most successful since their IPO.

Major world events that happened in 1999 that affected the stock markets

In 1999, many significant world events occurred alongside the notable IPOs of various internet companies. To get a good idea of what was happening in the stock market we first need to know the circumstances and environment surrounding the world in 1999.

Dot-com Bubble: The dot-com bubble reached its peak in 1999 when internet businesses experienced a surge in value, followed by a crash in the early 2000s. The hype around internet companies led to a long list of unnecessary IPOs and many defunct companies in the years to come.

Introduction of The Euro: The euro, the main currency of the Eurozone, was introduced in 1999. The goal was to facilitate economic integration among European Union members. This was another key event that shook up the world, along with financial markets.

NATO Intervention in Kosovo: In 1999, NATO forces intervened militarily in Kosovo, aiming to end the conflict between Yugoslav forces and ethnic Albanian rebels. The intervention resulted in the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops and the establishment of a UN-governed administration in Kosovo.

4 household brands that went public in 1999

1., Inc.

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Specialty Retail
  • IPO Price: $21
  • IPO Date: August 3, 1999

1800Flowers Website Home Page is the place to go if you need to send flowers or other gifts to a special person. They're one of the first online florists to exist and still produce strong results today. Their site allows you to buy a range of floral products like plants, and gifts for most occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. The same-day delivery services are connected to a network of local florists to ensure freshness and quality. However, with barriers to eCommerce becoming lower each year they're facing major competition from independent online florist businesses.

2. BlackRock

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Asset Management
  • IPO Price: $14
  • IPO Date: October 1, 1999

BlackRock Website Home Page

BlackRock is considered the largest and most prominent investment management firm globally. They offer risk management services to institutional and retail clients. BlackRock is known for its excessive residential property portfolio. The company has offices in more than 30 countries and serves clients in over 100 countries.

3. Goldman Sachs

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Capital Markets
  • IPO Price: $53
  • IPO Date: May 4, 1999

Goldman Sachs via Reuters
Goldman Sachs Sign Via Reuters

If you've watched any financial news in the last 20 years then you're probably familiar with Goldman Sachs. They're a famous investment bank that offers financial services to a diversified client base including businesses, financial institutions, governments, and even individuals. At one point they were considered the largest asset managers worldwide.

4. Nvidia

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Semiconductors
  • IPO Price: $12
  • IPO Date: January 22, 1999

Nvidia Graphics Card Via Their Website

Nvidia is a great company that has captured the world's attention recently. With its dominant position in the chip market and groundbreaking achievements in the field of AI, its stock price has been soaring. They design and manufacture graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming, professional visualization, data science, and artificial intelligence. Nvidia also provides cloud-based services for gaming, streaming, and AI applications. The company is valuable since its GPUs are used to power the world's most advanced computers, enabling them to quickly and accurately process large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

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The 565 companies that had their IPO in 1999

Company NameStatusYeah FoundedTicker Symbol
@plan.incActive.1996APLN IncActive1986FLWS
Able Energy IncActive1989ABLE
Accredo Health IncAcquired1985ACDO
Accrue Software IncInactive1996ACRU
Acme Communications IncInactive1993ACME
Active Software IncActive1995ASWX
AdForce IncInactive1994ADFC IncInactive.1986ADSTU
Aether Systems IncInactive1996AETH
AGENCY.COM LtdInactive1995ACOM
Agile Software CorpInactive1995AGIL
Agilent Technologies IncActive1949A
AirGate PCS IncInactive1987PCSA
AirNet Communications CorpInactive1994ANCC
Aironet Wireless CommunicationInactive1993AIRO
Akamai Technologies IncActive1998AKAM
Alaska Communications SystemsActive1994ALSK
Albany Molecular Research IncAcquired by Carlyle Group1991AMRI
Allaire CorpAcquired by Brightcove.1996ALLR
Alliance Resource Partners LPActive1999ARLP
Allied Riser Communications CoInactive1996ARCC
Alloy Online IncInactive1996ALOY
Allscripts IncActive1982MDRX
Alteon Websystems IncAcquired by PMC-Sierra Inc.1996ATON
Altigen Communications IncActive1994ATGN
American Axle and MnfrgActive1924AXL
American Home Mrtg Hldgs IncInactive1988AHMH
American National Can GroupAcquired1900CAN
American National FinancialActive1989ANFI IncInactive.1992ANDN
Antenna TVActive-99ANTV
AppliedTheory CorporationInactive1995ATHY
AppNet Systems IncInactive1997APNT
Aremissoft CorporationInactive1978AREM
Argosy Education Group IncAcquired by Dream Center Education Holdings.1975ARGY
Ariba IncAcquired by SAP.1996ARBA
Art Technology Group IncAcquired by Oracle.1991ARTG
ASD Systems IncUnknown1995ASDS
Ashford.Com IncActive1998ASFD
Ask Jeeves IncAcquired by IAC1996ASKJ
Audible IncActive1995ADBL
AudioCodes LtdActive1993AUDC IncActive1995ABTL
Azurix CorpInactive1901AZX
BackWeb Technologies LtdInactive1995BWEB IncInactive1995BAMB incActive1997BNBN
Be Free IncUnknown1996BFRE
Be IncInactive1990BEOS
BigStar Entertainment IncInactive1998BGST
BioMarin Pharmaceutical IncActive1996BMRN
Biopure CorpInactive1984BPUR IncInactive.1998BIZZ
BlackRock IncActive1988BLK
Blackrock PA Strategic Muni TrActive-99BPS
BlackRock Strategic MunicipalActive-99BSD
Blockbuster Inc(Viacom Intl)Defunct.1982BBI
Bluestone Software IncUnknown1989BLSW
Bottomline Technologies IncActive1989EPAY
Boyds Collection LtdInactive.1979FOB
Braun Consulting IncInactive1990BRNC
Breakaway Solutions IncInactive1992BWAY
Broadbase Software IncAcquired by HCL Technologies.1995BBSW
Brocade Comm Sys IncAcquired by Broadcom1995BRCD
BSquare CorpActive1994BSQR
Buca IncInactive.1993BUCA
C-bridge Internet SolutionsInactive.1996CBIS
CacheFlow IncInactive1996CFLO
CAIS Internet IncUnknown1994CAIS
Calico Commerce IncInactive1991CLIC
Caliper Technologies CorpAcquired by PerkinElmer1995CALP
Capital Environmental ResourceActive1997CERI
CareerBuilder IncActive1995CBDR
CareInsite Inc(Synetic Inc)Acquired by Intel.1996CARI
Careside IncActive-99CSA
Catapult CommunicationsInactive1985CATT
Cavion Technologies IncActive1992CAVN
Charlotte Russe Holding IncBankrupt1975CHIC
Charter Communications IncActive1992CHTR
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing – Acquired by GlobalFoundries1987CHRT
Cheap Tickets IncInactive1974CTIX
Chemdex CorpAcquired.1997CMDX CorpActive1997CHINA
Citizens First CorpActive1975CZFC IncActive1997CLAI
Clarent CorpInactive1996CLRN
Classic Communications IncInactive.1992CLSC
CNB Inc, Lake City, FloridaActive1985CNBB
Cobalt Group IncActive1995CBLT
Cobalt Networks IncAcquired by Sun Microsystems.1996COBT
Collectors Universe IncActive1986CLCT
Colonial CA Insured Muni FundActive-99CCA
Colonial Insured Muni FundActive-99CFX
Colonial NY Insured Muni FundActive-99CNM
Commerce One IncInactive1994CMRC
CommTouch Software IncAcquired by Cyren Ltd.1991CTCHC
Community Capital BancsharesInactive1998ALBY
CompuCredit CorpInactive1996CCRT
Consol Energy IncActive1991CNX
Continuus Software CorpInactive.1976TEMPA
Convergent Communications IncInactive1995CONV
Copper Mountain Networks IncAcquired by HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)1996CMTN
Corinthian Colleges IncBankrupt.1995COCO
Corporate Executive Board CoAcquired by Gartner1986EXBD
Covad Communications Group IncInactive1996COVD
Creo Products IncActive1992CREO
Critical Path IncInactive1997CPTH
Crossroads Systems IncInactive1995CRDS
CVC IncActive1934CVCI
Cybergold IncInactive.1994CGLD
CyberSource IncAcquired by Visa1994CYBS
Cysive IncInactive1993CYSV
DAG Media IncActive1990DAGM
Daleen Technologies IncActive1990DALN
Data Critical CorpUnknown1992DCCA
Data Return CorpInactive1997DRTN
Datalink CorpAcquired by Insight Enterprises1958DTLK
David's Bridal IncActive1950DABR
Del Monte Foods CompanyActive1901DLM
Delphi Automotive Systems(GM)Spun off as Aptiv.1931DPH
Deltathree Com IncInactive.1996DDDC
Destia Communications IncInactive.1992DEST
Digex IncAcquired by Verizon.1990DIGX
Digimarc CorpActive1995DMRC
Digital Impact IncInactive1997DIGI
Digital Insight CorpAcquired by NCR Corporation.1995DGIN
Digital Island IncAcquired.1994ISLD
Digital Lava Inc.Inactive.-99DGV
Ditech Communications CorpAcquired by Intel.1983DITC
DLJdirect(Donaldson Lufkin)Inactive1996DIR IncInactive.1998KOOP IncInactive.1998DSCM IncInactive1998DSLN
Ducati Motor Holding SpAActive-99DMH IncUnknown1996ECRU
E-Loan IncInactive1996EELN
E-Stamp CorpInactive1997ESTM
E.piphany IncAcquired by SSA Global.1997EPNY
Eagle Supply Group IncUnknown1905EEGL
Eaton Vance CA Muni Inc TrustActive1998CEV
Eaton Vance Fla. Mun. Inc. Tr.Active1998FEV
Eaton Vance MA Muni Inc TrustActive1998MMV
Eaton Vance Mich Muni TrustActive-99EMI
Eaton Vance Muni IncomeActive1998EVN
Eaton Vance NJ Municipal TrustActive-99EVJ
Eaton Vance NY Muni Incm TrActive1998EVY
Eaton Vance OH Muni Inc TrustActive1998EVO
Eaton Vance PA Muni Inc TrustActive-99EVP
Ebenx IncActive1993EBNX PLCActive-99EBKR
ECtel IncInactive1990ECTX
Edgar Online IncAcquired by RR Donnelley.1995EDGR
Edison Schools IncInactive1995EDSN
Educational Video ConferencingActive1997EVCI
Efficient Networks IncAcquired by Siemens.1993EFNT
eGain CommunicationsActive1997EGAN
Egreetings Network IncInactive1994EGRT
El Sitio International CorpInactive1997LCTO
Enel Societa Per AzioniActive-99EN
Engage Technologies IncInactive1995ENGA
Entercom Communications CorpActive1968ETM
EPCOS AGAcquired by TDK.-99EPC
eSPEED IncInactive1996ESPD
ESPS IncUnknown1994ESPS
eToys IncDefunct1996ETYS IncActive1996XACT
Expedia IncActive1996EXPE
Extreme NetworksActive1996EXTR
F5 Networks IncActive1996FFIV
Fairchild Semiconductor IntlAcquired by ON Semiconductor1964FCS
Financial Institutions IncActive1931FISI
Finisar IncAcquired by II-VI Incorporated.1988FNSR
FlashNet Communications IncInactive1995FLAS
FlyCast CommunicationsInactive1996FCST
Focal Communications CorpInactive1996FCOM
Fogdog Sports IncInactive1994FOGD
Foundry Networks IncAcquired by Brocade.1996FDRY
Freemarkets IncAcquired by Ariba1995FMKT
Freeserve PLCAcquired1998FREE IncInactive.1994FSHP
Gabelli Asset Management IncActive1976GBL
Gadzoox Networks IncInactive1992ZOOX
Gaiam IncActive1988GAIA IncInactive1995GDEN
Genentech IncActive1975DNA IncInactive.1993GENI
Getthere.Com IncInactive.1995GTHR
Globespan Semiconductor IncAcquired by Conexant Systems Inc.1996GSPN
Golden Telecom IncAcquired.1994GLDN
Goldman Sachs Group IncActive1901GS
Goto.comAcquired by Yahoo.1997GOTO
Greater Atlantic Financial CorActive1997GAFC
Greenville First BancsharesActive1999GVBK
GRIC Communications IncInactive1994GRIC
Harris Interactive IncAcquired1959HPOL
HeadHunter.NET IncActive1995HHNT IncAcquired by Remedy Health Media.1997HCEN
Healtheon CorpAcquired by WebMD1995HLTH
Healthextras IncInactive.1996HLEX
Heidrick & Struggles IntlActive1953HSII
Hersha Hospitality TrustActive1998HT
HI-Q WasonInactive1995HIQW
High Speed Access CorpInactive1997HSAC
Homeservices Com IncActive1985HMSV IncInactive.1993HOMS
Hoover's IncAcquired by Dun & Bradstreet1994HOOV
Hotjobs Com LTDAcquired1997HOTJ
Hugoton Royalty TrustActive1998HGT
I D Systems IncActive1993IDSY
i-Cable Communications LtdActive1999ICAB
ibasis IncActive1995IBAS
Igo CorpInactive.1993IGOC
Illuminet Holdings IncInactive.1995ILUM
ImageX com IncActive1995IMGX
iManage IncActive1995IMAN
Immersion CorpActive1993IMMR
Immtech International IncInactive.1984IMMT
Implant Science CorpInactive1984IMX
Inet Technologies IncInactive1989INTI
Infonet Services CorpInactive.1969IN
Informatica CorpActive1993INFA
Insight Communications Co IncAcquired by Spectrum1985ICCI
Insurance Mgmt Solutions GroupActive1988INMG
Insweb CorpInactive1995INSW
Intelli-Check IncActive1994IDN
Intelligent Life CorpInactive.1993ILIF
Interactive Intelligence IncAcquired by Genesys.1996ININ
Interactive Pictures CorpInactive1986IPIX
Interep National Radio SalesInactive1953IREP
Interliant IncInactive1997INIT
InterNAP Network ServicesActive1996INAP
Internet Capital GroupActive1996ICGE
Internet Financial ServicesActive1996IFSX
Internet Gold-Golden Lines LtdActive1992IGLD
Internet Initiative Japan CoActive-99IIJI CorpInactive1999INTM
Interspeed IncInactive.1996ISPD
InterTrust Technologies CorpActive1990ITRU
InterWorld CorpInactive1995INTW
Interwoven IncAcquired by Autonomy Corporation.1995IWOV
Intl Smart Sourcing IncUnknown1970ISMT
Intraware IncInactive.1996ITRA
Invitrogen CorpAcquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific.1987IVGN
IT Staffing LtdActive1996ITST
iTurf IncInactive1995TURF
ITXC CorpAcquired by Teleglobe1997ITXC
iVillage IncAcquired by NBCUniversal1995IVIL
iXL Enterprises IncInactive1996IIXL
IXnet Inc(IPC Information)Unknown (no information available)1999EXNT
Jacada LtdActive1990JCDA
JazzTelecom SAUnknown-99JAZZ
JFAX Com IncInactive1995JFAX
JNI CorpInactive1993JNIC
Jore CorpUnknown1987JORE
Juniper NetworksActive1996JNPR
Juno Online Services IncInactive1995JWEB
Jupiter Communications IncInactive1994JPTR
Kana Communications IncInactive1996KANA
Keith Companies IncActive1983TKCI
Keynote Systems IncAcquired by Dynatrace.1995KEYN
Knot IncActive1996KNOT
Korea Thrunet CoInactive1996KOREA
Korn/Ferry InternationalActive1969KFY
LaBranche & CoAcquired by Nasdaq.1924LAB
Latitude Communications IncAcquired.1993LATD
Launch Media IncInactive1994LAUN
LCM Internet Growth Fund Inc.Active-99FND
Leisure Time Casino's &ResortsInactive1993LTCR
Lennox International IncActive1895LII
Liberate TechnologiesInactive1995LBRT
Lifeminders.Com IncInactive.1996LFMN
Lionbridge TechnologiesActive1996LIOX
Liquid Audio IncInactive1996LQID
Litronic IncUnknown1970LTNX
Log On America IncInactive1992LOAX IncInactive.1987LOIS
LookSmart LtdActive1996LOOK
Luminant Worldwide CorpActive1998LUMT IncActive1994MAIL
Maker Communications IncInactive.1994MAKR
Management Network GroupUnknown1986TMNG
Manulife Financial CorpActive1901MFC IncActive1994MQST
Marimba IncInactive1996MRBA
Marine Bancshares IncAcquired1997 IncActive1998MKTW
Martha Stewart LivingActive1996MSO
Maxygen IncInactive1997MAXY CorpAcquired by Intel.1992MCAF
MCK Communications IncInactive.1999MCKC
MCM Capital Group IncActive1953MCMC
Mede AmericaUnknown1995MEDE
Media Metrix IncInactive1996MMXI
Mediaplex IncAcquired by ValueClick.1998MPLX
MedicaLogic IncAcquired by GE Healthcare.1985MDLI
Medscape IncActive1995MSCP
Metalink LTDActive1992MTLK
MetaSolv Software IncAcquired by Oracle.1992MSLV
Metron Technology NVInactive1975MTCH
MicroFinancial IncActive1986MFI
MIH LtdActive1986MIHL
MIIX Group IncInactive1977MHU IncInactive.1996MINE
Mission Critical Software IncUnknown1990MCSW
MKS InstrumentsActive1961MKSI
Modem Media. Poppe Tyson IncAcquired by Publicis.1987MMPT IncInactive.1998MDCM IncInactive.1994MTHR
MP3.COM IncAcquired.1998MPPP
Mpath Interactive IncInactive.1995MPTH IncInactive1993MLTX
Multi-Link TelecommunicationsInactive-99MLNK
MuniHldgs NJ Insured Fund IVActive-99MHJ
MuniHoldings Cal Insured Fd IVActive-99CIL
MuniHoldings Calif Ins Fnd VActive-99CAF
MuniHoldings Florida InsuredActive-99MFR
MuniHoldings Mich Insured FundActive-99MCG
Muniholdings MichiganActive-99MDH
MuniHoldings New York InsuredActive-99MNK
MuniHoldings NJ Ins Fnd IIIActive-99MNJ
MuniHoldings NY Ins Fnd IV IncActive-99MNW
MuniHoldings Pennsylvania InsActive-99MPI
MuniHolds FL Insured Fund VActive-99FDM IncInactive.1996HITS IncActive1996MYPT
N2H2 IncInactive1995NTWO
National Info Consortium IncActive1997EGOV
National Medical Health CardUnknown (no information available)1982NMHC
Navisite IncActive1997NAVI
NDS Group PLCAcquired by Cisco.-99NNDS
Neon Systems IncAcquired by Progress Software.1991NESY
Net Perceptions IncInactive1996NETP
Net2Phone IncActive1996NTOP
Netcentives IncInactive1996NCNT
Netcreations IncAcquired by DoubleClick1995NTCR
Netia Holdings SAActive-99NTIA
NetIQ CorpAcquired by Micro Focus1976NTIQ IncInactive.1993NTVN
NetObjects IncInactive1995NETO
NetRadio CorpInactive1997NETR
NetRatings IncAcquired by Nielsen.1987NTRT
Netro CorporationActive1994NTRO
NetScout Systems IncActive1984NTCT
NetSolve IncAcquired by Cisco.1985NTSL
Network Access Solutions CorpInactive1994NASC
Network Plus CorpUnknown1998NPLS
Netzee IncInactive.1996NETZ
NetZero IncActive1997NZRO
Neuberger Berman IncActive1939NEU
Newgen RESULTS CorpActive1994NWGN
Next Level CommunicationsInactive1994NXTV
Nextcard IncInactive1997NXCD
Nextera Enterprises IncActive1997NXRA
nFront IncActive1996NFNT
NorthPoint Communications GrpDefunct1997NPNT
NovaMed Eyecare IncUnknown1995NOVA
Nuveen California MunicipalActive-99NAC
Nuveen Dividend Adv Muni FundActive-99NAD
Nuveen NY Municipal AdvantageActive-99NAN
Nuveen Senior Income FundActive-99NSL
NVidia CorporationActive1993NVDA
Official Payments CorpAcquired by ACI Worldwide Inc.1999OPAY
Ondisplay IncActive1996ONDS IncActive1998ONEM
OneSource Information ServicesUnknown1984ONES
Online Resources & CommunActive1989ORCC
onlinetradinginc.comN/A (not applicable)1995LINE
Onyx Software CorpInactive1994ONXS
OpenTV Corp(MIH Ltd)Acquired by Kudelski Group.1996OPTV
Optibase LtdActive1990OBAS
Optio Software IncInactive1981OPTO
Outlook Sports Technology IncActive1996TGRA
Pac-West Telecomm IncAcquired by TPx Communications1982PACW
Pacific Internet Pte LtdActive1995PCNTF
Pacific Softworks IncInactive.-99PASW
Packaged Ice IncActive1990ICED
Packeteer IncAcquired by Blue Coat1995PKTR
Paradyne Networks IncInactive1969PDYN
Partner CommunicationsActive-99PTNR
PC-Tel IncActive1994PCTI
Pentastar Communications IncActive1998PNTA
Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.Acquired by PepsiCo.1901PBG
Perficient IncActive1997PRFT IncActive1999PF
Perot Systems CorpAcquired by Dell1988PER
Persistence Software IncAcquired by Progress Software.1991PRSW
PFSweb IncActive1991PFSW IncActive1994PHCM
Pinnacle Holdings IncActive1995BIGT
Pivotal CorpAcquired by CDC Software.1990PVTL IncInactive.1997PLRX
Plastic Surgery CoActive1997PSU
Plug Power IncActive1997PLUG
PLX Technology IncAcquired by Avago Technologies1984PLXT
PNV IncUnknown1995PNVN
Portal Software IncAcquired by Oracle.1985PRSF
Predictive Systems IncInactive.1995PRDS
Preview Systems IncInactive1995PRVW IncActive1997PCLN
PrimaCom AGInactive-99PCAG
Primus Knowledge Solutions IncAcquired by ATG Knowledge Solutions Inc.1986PKSI
Prism Financial CorporationUnknown1992PRFN
Private Business IncPrivate1990PBIZ
Privatebancorp Inc, Chicago,ILAcquired by CIBC1989PVTB
Prodigy Communications IncInactive1996PRGY
Provantage Inc(ShopKo Stores)Bankrupt1993PHS
Proxicom IncAcquired.1991PXCM IncInactive.1996PPRO
Qiao Xing Universal TelephoneInactive.1994QXUTF IncInactive.1997PASA
Quest Software IncAcquired by Insight Partners1998QSFT
QuickLogic CorpActive1988QUIK
Quintus CorpInactive1984QNTS
Quokka Sports IncInactive1996QKKA IncInactive.1984QUOT PlcAcquired1997QXLC
Radio One IncActive1980ROIA
Radio Unica Communications CorInactive.1996UNCA
Radware LtdActive1996RDWR
Rainmaker Systems IncInactive.1991RMKR
Ramp Networks IncAcquired by Nokia1994RAMP
Rampart Capital CorpInactive.-99RAC
Ravenswood Winery IncActive1976RVWD
Ravisent Technologies IncInactive.1994RVST
Razorfish IncAcquired by Publicis Groupe.1995RAZF
Red Hat IncAcquired by IBM.1993RHAT
Redback Networks IncAcquired by Ericsson.1996RBAK
ReSourcePhoenix comInactive.1999RPCX
Retek Inc(HNC Software Inc)Acquired by Oracle.1985RETK
Rhythms NetConnectionsInactive1997RTHM
RoweCom IncAcquired by ProQuest.1994ROWE
Rubio's Restaurant IncActive1985RUBO
Rudolph Technologies IncActive1941RTEC
S&P Protected Equity Fund IActive-99PEF
Sage IncActive1994SAGI
Sagent Technology IncAcquired by Fiserv.1995SGNT
SAL Trust Preferred Fund IActive-99PBA
Salem Communications CorpAcquired by Townsquare Media.1986SALM
SalesLogix CorpAcquired.1995SLGX
Satyam Infoway LtdActive1995SIFY
SBA Communications CorpActive1989SBAC
Scient CorporationInactive1997SCNT
Scientific LearningActive1996SCIL IncAcquired by Accel-KKR1995SQST
Seminis IncAcquired by Monsanto.1950SMNS
SERENA Software IncActive1988SRNA IncInactive1994SPNW
ShowCase CorpInactive.1989SHWC
Silicon Image IncAcquired by Lattice Semiconductor1995SIMG
Silknet Software IncInactive.1995SILK
SilverStream Software IncInactive.1996SSSW
Skechers USA IncActive1992SKX
SmartDisk(Toshiba,Fischer)Acquired by Toshiba1998SMDK
SmarterKids com IncInactive.1994SKDS
Smith-Gardner & Associates IncActive1988SGAI IncInactive.1993SWCM
Somera Communications IncInactive1995SMRA
SonicWALL IncAcquired by Dell1991SNWL
Spanish Broadcasting SystemActive1983SBSA
Spinnaker Exploration CoInactive1996SPNX
SplitRock Services IncActive1997SPLT IncActive1998STMP
StanCorp Financial Group IncAcquired by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company1901SFG
Star Media Network IncActive1999STRM
Statia Terminals Group NVActive1970STNV
Streamedia Communications IncInactive.-99SMIL IncInactive.1993SLNE
Student Advantage IncInactive.1992STAD
Sun Community Bancorp LtdActive1996SCBL
Suncoast Bancorp IncAcquired by Seacoast Bank.1998
Sycamore Networks IncInactive.1998SCMR
Symyx Technologies IncAcquired by Accelrys1979SMMX
Talk City IncInactive1996TCTY
Tanning Technology CorpInactive.1993TANN
TC Pipelines LPActive1951TCLP
TD Waterhouse Group IncAcquired by Schwab.1979TWE
Team Financial IncActive1994TFIN
TeleCorp PCS IncAcquired.1997TLCP
Telemate Net Software IncInactive1986TMNT
TenFold CorpActive1991TENF
Terra Networks(Telefonica SA)Active-99TRRA
The Pantry IncAcquired by Couche-Tard1967PTRY
Thomson Multimedia(Thomson)Acquired by Technicolor.-99TMS
TIBCO Software IncActive1985TIBX
Time Warner Telecom IncAcquired by Level 3 Communications.1994TWTC
TiVo IncAcquired by Xperi Corporation.1997TIVO plcInactive-99TJOB
Tower Financial CorporationInactive1998TOFC PlcInactive-99TPN
Trex Co IncActive1992TWP
Trintech Group PlcActive-99TTPA
Trion Technology AGInactive-99TRIN
Tritel IncUnknown1996TTEL
Triton PCS Holdings IncAcquired by T-Mobile.1997TPCS
TriZetto Group IncAcquired by Cognizant.1997TZIX
Troy Group IncActive1982TROY
Truetime IncInactive.1991TRUE
Tuesday Morning Corp (Madison)Bankrupt1974TUES
Tularik IncAcquired by Amgen.1991TLRK
Tumbleweed Communications CorpInactive1993TMWD
Tut Systems IncAcquired by Motorola1991TUTS
United Pan-Europe Comm NVInactive-99UPCOY
United Parcel Service IncActive1907UPS
United Therapeutics CorpActive1996UTHR
US Aggregates IncActive1989AGA
US Concrete IncActive1948RMIX
US Interactive IncInactive1991USIT
US Internetworking IncInactive1998USIX
US Laboratories IncUnknown-99USLB
US Search Corp.comInactive1994SRCH
VA Linux Systems IncAcquired by SourceForge1995LNUX
Valley Media IncInactive.1979VMIX
Value America IncInactive1996VUSA
VaxGen IncInactive1996VXGN
VersaTel Telecom BVAcquired1995VRSA
VerticalNet IncInactive1995VERT
Viador IncInactive1995VIAD
VIALOG CorpActive1996VLOG
Viant CorpAcquired by Time Inc.1990VIAN
Vignette CorpInactive1995VIGN
Virata CorpInactive1993VRTA IncActive1997VSHP
Vitria Technology IncInactive.1994VITR
Vixel CorpActive1991VIXL
Voyager.Net IncInactive.1994VOYN
Watchguard Technologies IncActive1996WGRD
Wavecom SAAcquired by Sierra Wireless.1993WVCM
Web Street IncInactive1996WEBS IncInactive.1996IWIN
WebTrends CorporationActive1993WEBT
WebVan Group IncAcquired.1997WBVN
WESCO International IncActive1920WCC
Williams Communications GroupInactive1985WCG
Wink Communications IncInactive1983WINK
Wireless Facilities IncAcquired by Boingo.1995WFII
Wit Capital Group IncInactive1993WITC
Women First Healthcare IncActive1996WFHC NetworksInactive1992WOMN
World Wrestling FederationActive1980WWFE
WorldGate Communications IncInactive1995WGAT
XM Satellite Radio IncAcquired by SiriusXM1992XMSR
Xpedior IncInactive1997XPDR
Yankee Candle Co IncAcquired by Jarden Corporation1976YCC IncUnknown1998YESM
Z-Tel Technologies IncInactive.1998ZTEL
Zany Brainy IncDefunct1991ZANY
Zapme CorpInactive.1997IZAP
ZipLink IncInactive1995ZIPL
Companies that went public in 1999, the date they were founded, and their current status.

Frequently asked questions

How many IPOs were there in 1999? 

There were approximately 365 IPOs in 1999 according to Wikipedia data and Jay R. Ritter’s data from UF Warrington College of Business. However, it’s hard to find a complete list of every company that has hit the stock exchange for the first time since the global data is fragmented. Please do your own research to confirm this.

Which company that had its IPO in 1999 is currently valued the highest?

As of June 2023, Nvidia had a market capitalization of $967B followed by United Parcel Service (UPS) with a market capitalization of $144B. Of course, this is subject to change and you should check for the latest data. 

Which companies that had their IPO in 1999 are now defunct?

So far nine companies have been classified as “defunct”, these are:
– Chemdex
– Commerce One
– Usinternetworking Inc
– Cobalt Networks
– NorthPoint Communications
– Prodigy
– Webvan
– Actua Corporation

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