The 431 Companies That Had Their IPO In 2000

companies that had their ipo in 2000 updated

The year 2000 was a scary one for most people around the world.

People were afraid of many things, including the world ending and the Dot-com Bubble bursting.

Despite the turbulent times, a large number of companies still went public and hit the stock exchange for the first time.

Keep reading to find out which major events happened, which companies went public, and how they're performing today.

Major world events that happened in 2000 that affected the stock markets

2000 was a year to remember. From the Olympics to the Y2K bug, people had a lot to talk about. A number of major world events occurred alongside IPOs by various companies. Here are some of the major ones that had an impact on financial markets.

Dot-com Bubble Burst: The dot-com bubble was the excessive speculation in internet-based companies. It reached its peak in early 2000 and subsequently burst. Loads of tech companies went public during this period, most of them weren't high-performing companies and were eventually acquired or shut down.

Nasdaq Composite Index High: On March 10, the Nasdaq Index hit its peak at 5,048.62. The record high reflected the unreasonable optimism and surrounding internet businesses since most of the companies driving this were tech stocks (almost similar to the 2020 rally).

Y2K Bug: The turn of the millennium brought concerns about computer systems' ability to handle the date change from 1999 to 2000. This was known globally as the Y2K bug, and some people were genuinely worried. Many companies invested heavily in fixing potential issues, leading to increased spending on technology and related services.

Other Global Events: The presidential election in the United States, with George W. Bush winning against Al Gore was another major world event. On top of this, the Sydney Summer Olympics were held in Australia. The outbreak of the Second Intifada (Palestinian uprising) in the Middle East also caused chaos in the stock market.

5 household brand names that had their IPO in 2000

1. Energizer Holdings Inc.

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Electrical Equipment & Parts

It's safe to say we all rely on Energizer (at least I know I do). The company offers a portfolio of products including Energizer® batteries, flashlights, portable charging solutions, and lighting products. They also provide specialty batteries for hearing aids, and health and fitness devices, as well as for keyless remote entry systems. Their batteries are sold in 160+ countries and territories worldwide making them an extremely valuable company.

2. Garmin

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Scientific & Technical Instruments
  • IPO Price: $14
  • IPO Date: December 8, 2000

garmin watch
Vai the Garmin website

Garmin is a leading provider of navigation and communication technology for retail consumers. As a cyclist, I rely on their watches and GPS devices to help guide my rides. Their products are designed to help people explore, navigate and stay connected in their daily lives. Garmin also provides mapping, traffic, weather, and other related services. If you've ever used Strava you'll see the power of their products. Garmin is truly committed to providing innovative GPS and technology solutions to help people stay connected and explore the world.

3. Rakuten

  • Country: Japan
  • Stock Exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO)
  • Industry: Internet Retail
  • IPO Price: ¥1,400
  • IPO Date: April 21, 2000

Via Financial Times

Most people know Rakuten as an affiliate network as a result of their “Rakuten Advertising” arm. However, it offers a lot more than this, including e-commerce, fintech, and digital services. The Japanese company services over 1.2 billion users around the world. Their most notable offering is their cash-back deal available at 3,500+ stores.

4. Krispy Kreme

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Grocery Stores
  • IPO Price: $17
  • IPO Date: April 5, 2000

I think the world is grateful for this IPO. Krispy Kreme is one of the most popular international doughnut and coffee chains. It was founded in 1937, and the company has grown to become a global leader in the doughnut industry, offering a wide variety of doughnuts, coffees, and other treats. Krispy Kreme is known for its signature Original Glazed doughnut. They have locations in more than 30 countries. One thing that stands out with Krispy Kreme is their commitment to collaborations (including their famous Halloween and Suicide Squad).

5. Hallmark Media

hallmark media

If you've ever sent or received a nice greeting card then it was probably produced by Hallmark Media. They're a huge company that operates several divisions focusing on various aspects of entertainment and media production. Even though they're widely recognized for their greeting cards, they expanded into other areas, including television channels, movies, and publishing.

List of the 431 companies that had their IPO in 2000

Company NameDate FoundedStock TickerCurrent Status
@Road Inc1996ARDIAcquired by Trimble.
02 Micro International Limited1995OIIMActive
3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals1993DDDPAcquired.
360networks Inc1990TSIXActive
724 Solutions Inc1997SVNXInactive
Accelerated Networks Inc1996ACCLInactive
Accord Networks Ltd1992ACCDInactive
Aclara Biosciences Inc1995ACLAAcquired by Danaher.
Active Power Inc1992ACPWInactive
Adolor Corp1994ADLRAcquired by Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Advanced Power Technology Inc1984APTIInactive
Advanced Switching Communic1997ASCXActive
AeroGen Inc1991AEGNActive
Airspan Networks Inc1994AIRNActive
Alamosa PCS Holdings Inc1998APCSInactive
Alcatel Optronics-99ALCAAcquired by Nokia
Alliance Fiber Optic Products1995AFOPAcquired by Corning.
Allos Therapeutics Inc1992ALTHAcquired by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.
America Online Latin America1998AOLAInactive
American Medical Systems Hold1972AMMDActive
American Physicians Capital1975ACAPAcquired
Antigenics Inc1994AGENInactive
Applied Molecular Evolution1989AMEVActive
Apropos Technology Inc1989APRSActive
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc1997ARNAActive
Argonaut Technologies Inc1994AGNTAcquired by Agilent Technologies.
Array Biopharma Inc1998ARRYAcquired by Pfizer.
ArrowPoint Communications Inc1997ARPTAcquired by Cisco.
ARTISTdirect Inc1999ARTDInactive
ASAT Holdings Ltd1989ASTTActive
Asia Global Crossing Ltd1997AGCXDefunct Ltd1997IASIAInactive.
AsiaInfo Holdings Inc1993ASIAActive
Aspect Medical Systems Inc1987ASPMAcquired by Covidien
AT&T Wireless Group1983AWEActive
AtheroGenics Inc1993AGIXInactive
August Technology Corp1992AUGTInactive
Avanex Corp1997AVNXAcquired by Oclaro Inc.
AvantGo Inc1997AVGOInactive
Avenue A Inc1997AVEAUnknown
Avici Systems Inc1996AVCIAcquired by Nokia.
Avistar Communications Corp1993AVSRInactive
Axcelis Technologies Inc1980ACLSActive Inc1999BTBCActive
Beacon Power Corp1997BCONAcquired by Tesla.
Beasley Broadcast Group Inc1961BBGIActive
Bio Aqua Systems Inc-99SEAUnknown
Blaze Software Inc1985BLZEUnknown
Blue Martini Software Inc1998BLUEInactive
Bookham Technology PLC-99BKHMAcquired by II-VI Incorporated.
BreezeCOM Inc1993BRZEAcquired by Alvarion.
Bruker Daltonics Inc1991BDALActive Inc1995BUSYActive Inc1997BUYXAcquired
Cabot Microelectronics Corp1985CCMPActive
Caldera Systems Inc1994CALDInactive
California Pizza Kitchen Inc1985CPKIBankrupt
Caminus Corp1985CAMZAcquired by Aspen Technology
Camtek Ltd1987CAMTActive
Capstone Turbine Corp1988CPSTActive
CareScience Inc1992CAREAcquired by Quovadx Inc.
Carrier1 International SA1998CONEUnknown
Centillium Communications Inc1997CTLMInactive
Centra Software Inc1995CTRAAcquired by Saba Software Inc.
Cepheid1996CPHDDanaher (Active)
Ceragon Networks Ltd1996CRNTActive
Charles River Labs Int Inc1992CRLActive
Chiles Offshore LLC1997CODInactive
China Petroleum & Chem Corp1949SNPActive
China Unicom Ltd1994CHUActive
ChipPAC Inc1984CHPCAcquired by Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. (JCET)
Choice One Communications1998CWONInactive
Chordiant Software Inc1991CHRDAcquired by Pegasystems Inc.
Ciphergen Biosystems Inc1993CIPHInactive
Click Commerce Inc1996CKCMInactive
Clicksoftware Ltd1979CKSWAcquired by Salesforce
Coach Inc1941COHAcquired by Tapestry Inc.
Community Health Systems Inc1985CYHActive
Comple Tel Europe NV1998CLTLActive
Compugen Ltd1993CGENActive
Computer Access Technology1992CATZInactive
Convergent Group Corp1985CVGPInactive inc1994CSAVInactive.
Corillian Corp1997CORIAcquired by Fiserv.
Corio Inc1998CRIOInactive
Corvis Corp1997CORVInactive
Cosine Communications Inc1998COSNInactive
Crayfish Co Ltd-99CRFHUnknown
Crosswave Communications Inc1998CWCIInactive.
CrossWorlds Software Inc1996CWLDInactive
Crown Media Holdings Inc1991CRWNActive
Crucell N.V.-99CRXLAcquired
Curon Medical Inc1997CURNActive
Cypress Communications Corp1996CYCOAcquired by Birch Communications
Datalex PLC1985DLEXActive
DDi Corp1978DDICAcquired by Ansys
deCode Genetics Inc1996DCGNActive
Delano Technology Corp1998DTECActive
Delcath Systems Inc1998Active
Deltagen Inc1997DGENInactive
Dendreon Corp1992DNDNAcquired by Sanpower Group
Digitalthink Inc1996DTHKInactive.
Digitas Inc1980DTASActive
Discovery Partners Int'l Inc1995DPIIInactive
Diversa Corp1992DVSAAcquired
Divine Interventures Inc1999DVINDefunct
Dobson Communications Corp1990DCELAcquired
Docent Inc1997DCNTActive
DURECT Corp1998DRRXActive
Dyax Corp1989DYAXAcquired by Shire.
Dynacare Inc1981DNCRActive
e Machines Inc1998EEEEInactive. Inc1986ECMNUnknown
EDEN Bioscience Corp1994EDENInactive
eFunds Corp1984EFDSAcquired by Fidelity.
Elastic Networks Inc1998ELASActive
Eloquent Inc1995ELOQUnknown
Embarcadero Technologies Inc1993EMBTActive
Emerge Interactive Inc1994EMRGActive
EndWave Corp1991ENWVInactive
Energy Partners Ltd1998EPLActive
Entegris Inc1966ENTGActive
Entravision Communications1996EVCActive
eOn Communications Corp1991EONCInactive
Eprise Corp1992EPRSInactive
Equinix Inc1998EQIXActive
eRoom System Technologies Inc1993ERMSInactive.
ESafetyWorld Inc1997SFTYUnknown
Esperion Therapeutics Inc1998ESPRActive
Evergreen Solar Inc1994ESLRBankrupt
Evoke Communications Inc1997EVOKActive
Evolve Software Inc1995EVLVInactive
EXE Technologies Inc1997EXEEUnknown
Exelixis Inc1994EXELActive
Exfo Electro Optical1985EXFOActive
Extensity Inc1995EXTNAcquired by Infor.
Exult Inc1998EXLTAcquired by Hewitt Associates
FairMarket Inc1997FAIMUnknown
Fargo Electronics Inc1979FRGOAcquired.
Fastnet Corp1994FSSTInactive
FirePond Inc1983FIREAcquired by PTC.
First Horizon Pharmaceutical1992FHRXAcquired.
FirstWorld Communications Inc1992FWISInactive.
Flag Telecom Holdings Ltd1993FTHLAcquired by Reliance Communications.
Floware Wireless Systems Ltd1995FLREActive
Founders Food Firkins Ltd-99Unknown
Garmin Ltd1989GRMNActive
Gemini Genomics PLC-99GMNIAcquired
Gemplus International SA1988GEMPAcquired by Thales.
Genaissance Pharmaceuticals1992GNSCInactive
Genencor International Inc1982GCORAcquired by DuPont
Genomic Solutions Inc1994GNSLInactive
Genomica Corp1996GNOMInactive
Genuity Inc1995GENUAcquired by Telus
Gigamedia Ltd1997GIGMActive Inc1985GORXInactive.
GoAmerica Inc1996GOAMInactive.
Grupo Aeroportuario del-99ASRPacifico – Active
GT Group Telecom Inc1996GTTLOInactive
H Power Corp1989HPOWInactive
Handspring Inc1998HANDInactive
Harvard Bioscience Inc1996HBIOActive
Head NV1950HEDActive
HealthGate Data Corp1994HGATInactive.
HealthStream Inc1990HSTMActive
Hotel Reservations Network Inc1991ROOMAcquired by Expedia
Hydril Co1933HYDLAcquired by Tenaris
Hydrogenics Corp1988HYGSActive
I Many Inc1989IMNYInactive
i3 Mobile Inc1991IIIMUnknown
iAsia Works Inc1995IAWKInactive.
iBeam Broadcasting Corp1998IBEMInactive
IFCO Systems NV1992IFEAcquired
Illumina Inc1998ILMNActive
Imageware Systems Inc-99IWActive
ImproveNet Inc1996IMPVInactive
IMPSAT Fiber Networks Inc1990IMPTInactive
Inficon Holding AG-99ICFNActive
Infineon Technologies AG1952IFXActive
InforMax Inc1990INMXInactive.
Inforte Corp1993INFTAcquired.
InfoVista SA-99IVTAActive
Innovative Solns & Support Inc1988ISSCActive
INRANGE Technologies Corp1968INRGInactive
inSilicon Corp1999INSNAcquired by Synopsys.
Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc1993ISPHAcquired by Merck.
Integrated Circuit Systems Inc1976ICSTAcquired by Renesas
Integrated Information Systems1989IISX#ERROR!
Integrated Telecom Express Inc1995ITXIInactive
Interactive Investor Intl PLC1995IINVActive
Interland Inc1997ILNDInactive
Intermune Pharmaceuticals Inc1998ITMNAcquired by Roche.
Intersil Holding Corp1980ISILAcquired by Renesas
interWAVE Communications1994IWAVInactive
IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals1994IBPIInactive
Introgen Therapeutics Inc1993INGNInactive
Intuitive Surgical Inc1995ISRGActive Inc1996IPRTInactive.
Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc1992ISTAAcquired by Bausch + Lomb
IXIA Communications1997XXIAAcquired by Keysight Technologies.
Jeremy's Microbatch Ice Creams1997JMICActive
John Hancock Financial Svcs1862JHFActive
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc1997KERXAcquired by Akebia Therapeutics Inc.
Kosan Biosciences Inc1995KOSNAcquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc1937KREMActive
L90 Inc1997LNTYInactive
Landacorp Inc1982LCORUnknown
Lante Corp1984LNTEInactive
Lantronix Inc1989LTRXActive
Large Scale Biology Corp1987LSBCInactive.
LendingTree Inc1996TREEActive
Lexar Media Inc1993LEXRAcquired by Micron Technology Inc.
Lexent Inc1998LXNTInactive.
Lexicon Genetics Inc1995LEXGAcquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Lightspan Partnership Inc1993LSPNInactive.
Lion Bioscience AG-99LIONInactive
LivePerson Inc1995LPSNActive
Loudeye Technologies Inc1997LOUDAcquired by Nokia
Luminent Inc(MRV Comm)1988LMNEAcquired by Tesla.
Luminex Corp1995LMNXActive
Mainspring Inc1996MSPRInactive
Manufacturers Services1974MSVActive
Marvell Technology Group Ltd1995MRVLActive
MatrixOne Inc1983MONEAcquired by Dassault Systèmes
McData Corp1982MCDTAcquired by Brocade.
Mediacom Communications Corp1996MCCCActive
MediChem Life Sciences Inc1987MCLSUnknown
Medicines Co1996MDCOAcquired by Novartis.
Metawave Communications1995MTWVActive
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co1900METActive
Microtune Inc1996TUNEAcquired by Zoran Corporation.
Millennium Cell Inc1999MCELInactive.
Mind C.T.I. Ltd1995MNDOActive
Mobile Telesystems OJSC-99MBTActive
Mobility Electronics Inc1995MOBEInactive.
Moldflow Corp1980MFLOAcquired by Autodesk.
Monsanto Co1901MONAcquired by Bayer.
MVC Capital-99MVCActive
NATCO Group Inc1926NTGActive Inc1996NEOFInactive.
Net 2000 Communications Inc1993NTKKInactive
net.Genesis Corp1994NTGXInactive. Inc1997NTESActive
Netpliance Inc1999NPLIInactive.
Network Engines Inc1989NENGInactive.
New China Homes Ltd1997CHOMActive
New Focus Inc1990NUFOActive
New Skies Satellites NV-99NSKAcquired by Carlyle Group
Nextel Partners Inc1998NXTPAcquired
Niku Corp1998NIKUAcquired by Computer Associates.
Nogatech Inc1993NGTCInactive.
Nova Measuring Instruments1993NVMIActive
Novatel Wireless Inc1996NVTLAcquired by Inseego.
NRG Energy Inc1989NRGActive
Nuance Communications Inc1994NUANAcquired by Microsoft.
Numerical Technologies Inc1995NMTCAcquired by Synopsis Inc.
O2Wireless Solutions Inc1991OTWOInactive
OmniSky Corp1999OMNYInactive
Omnivision Technologies Inc1995OVTIActive
ON Semiconductor1967ONNNActive
ONI Systems Corp1997ONISAcquired by Ciena. Inc1997ONVIAcquired by Deltek
Oplink Communications Inc1995OPLKAcquired by Koch Industries
Opnet Technologies Inc1986OPNTAcquired by Riverbed Technology.
Optical Communication Products1991OCPIActive
Opus360 Corp1998OPUSInactive
OraPharma Inc1996OPHMActive
Oratec Interventions Inc1993OTECAcquired by Smith & Nephew.
Orchid BioSciences Inc1995ORCHInactive
Organic Inc1993OGNCActive
Orient-Express Hotels Ltd1987OEHAcquired
Orion Power Holdings Inc1998ORNUnknown
Osca Inc(Great Lakes Chem)1979OSCAActive
OTG Software Inc1992OTGSInactive
Pacific Mercantile Bancorp1999PMBCActive
Packaging Corp of America1965PKGActive
Packard BioScience Co1965PBSCAcquired by Danaher.
Pain Therapeutics Inc1998PTIEActive
Palm Inc(3Com Corp)1992PALMAcquired by HP.
Paradigm Genetics Inc1997PDGMInactive.
Parthus Technologies PLC-99PRTHVInactive Inc1996PRTSActive
PEC Solutions Inc1985PECSAcquired by Nortel.
PECO II Inc1934PIIIInactive
Pemstar Inc1994PMTRAcquired by Benchmark Electronics
PeoplePC Inc1999PEOPInactive.
PetroChina1988PTRActive Inc1999IPETDefunct
Pharsight Corp1995PHSTAcquired by Certara
Pinnacle Financial Partners2000Active
Pixelworks Inc1997PXLWActive
Pozen Inc1996POZNAcquired by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Praecis Pharmaceuticals Inc1993PRCSInactive
Precis Smart Card Systems Inc1994PCISInactive
Precise Software Solutions Ltd1990PRSEUnknown
Prime Response Inc1987PRMEUnknown
Proton Energy Systems Inc1996PRTNActive
PSi Technologies Inc1988PSITActive
QS Communications AG1997QSCGActive
Qualstar Corp1984QBAKActive
Quantum Effect Devices Inc1991QEDIActive
Quintalinux Ltd1997QLNXInactive
RadView Software Ltd1991RADVActive
RADVision Ltd1992RVSNAcquired by Avaya. India Ltd-99REDFActive
Regeneration Technologies Inc1997RTIXAcquired by Zimmer Biomet.
Regent Communications Inc1996RGCIInactive Inc1994RCOMActive
Regus PLC-99REGSActive
Repeater Technologies Inc1983RPTRUnknown
Resonate Inc1995RSNTActive
Resources Connection Inc1996RECNActive
Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc1996RIGLActive
Rita Medical Systems Inc1994RITAAcquired by AngioDynamics.
Riverdeep Interactive Learning1995RVDPInactive
Rockford Corp1973ROFOActive
Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc1996RSTAAcquired by Merck.
Saba Software Inc1997SABAAcquired by Cornerstone OnDemand
Sangamo BioScience Inc1995SGMOActive
Savvis Communications Corp1996SVVSAcquired by CenturyLink
ScreamingMedia Inc1993SCRMInactive.
Selectica Inc1996SLTCActive
Sequenom Inc1994SQNMAcquired
Sequoia Software Corp1992SQSWInactive
ServiceWare Technologies Inc1991SVCWAcquired by PTC.
SFBC International Inc1995SFCAcquired by Parexel International Corp.
Shochet Holding Corp1999SHOCUnknown
SignalSoft Corp1995SGSFAcquired by Qualcomm
Silicon Laboratories Inc1996SLABActive
Simple Technology Inc1990STECUnknown
SkillSoft Corp1998SKILActive
SMTC Corp1985SMRTCActive Inc1997SNOWInactive.
Software Technologies Corp1989STCSUnknown Inc1996SOHUActive
Sonic Innovations Inc1991SNCIActive
Sonus Networks Inc1997SONSAcquired by Ribbon Communications
Southern Energy(Southern Co)1920SOEActive
Specialty Laboratories1975SPAcquired.
Speechworks International Inc1994SPWXInactive
ST Assembly Test Services Pte1994STTSActive
Stanford Microdevices Inc1984SMDIInactive
Stewart W P Co Ltd1975WPLActive
Storagenetworks Inc1998STORInactive.
Stratos Lightwave Inc1946STLWAcquired by Opnext Inc.
Stratus Services Group Inc1997SERVActive
Sun Bancshares Inc1999SNBAActive
Sun Life Finl Svcs of Canada1901SLCActive
SUNDAY Communications Ltd1997SDAYInactive Corp1992SNHKInactive.
Sunrise Telecom Inc1991SRTIInactive Inc1997SPRTActive
Switchboard Inc1996SWBDInactive
Syngenta AG (Switzerland)-99SYTActive
Synplicity Inc1994SYNPAcquired by Synopsys
SynQuest Inc1986SYNQInactive.
T/R Systems Inc1991TRSIInactive
Take To Inc1999TTAActive
Talarian Corp1988TALRInactive
Tanox Inc1986TNOXInactive
Telaxis Communications Corp1982TLXSInactive.
Tele1 Europe Holding AB-99TEURActive
TeleCommunications Systems Inc1987TSYSAcquired by Comtech.
Telefonica Moviles SA-99TEMActive
Telekom Austria AG1996TKAActive
Telenor AS(Norway)-99TELNActive
Telik Inc1988TELKInactive
Telocity Delaware Inc1999TLCTInactive
Therma-Wave Inc1982TWAVAcquired by KLA-Tencor.
TNPC Inc1999NPWUnknown (Hebdo Mag Europe)1987TRDRUnknown
Transgenomic Inc1988TBIOInactive
Transmeta Corp1995TMTAInactive
Tripath Technology Inc1995TRPHAcquired by Cirrus Logic
Triton Network Systems Inc1997TNSIInactive
TTM Technologies Inc1978TTMIActive
Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri-99TKCActive
Turnstone Systems Inc1998TSTNInactive
Tvia Inc1993TVIAInactive
TyCom Ltd(Tyco Intl Ltd)1975TCMAcquired by Tyco International Ltd.
Ubiquitel Inc1999UPCSInactive
Ulticom Inc1974ULCMActive
Universal Access Inc1997UAXSInactive.
Universal Compression Holdings1954UCOAcquired by Exterran Corporation.
University of Phoenix Online1989UOPXActive
US Unwired Inc1967UNWRInactive
Utek Corp1999UTOBAcquired by Innoviz Technologies.
UTi Worldwide Inc1946UTIWAcquired by DSV
UTStarcom Inc1991UTSIActive
ValiCert Inc1996VLCTInactive
Valueclick Inc1997VCLKAcquired
Vantagemed Corp1995VMDCInactive
Variagenics Inc1992VGNXInactive. Inc1997VSTYInactive
Vascular Solutions Inc1996VASCAcquired by Teleflex.
Vastera Inc1992VASTAcquired by JPMorgan Chase
Versata Inc1991VATAActive
Versicor Inc1995VERSInactive.
Viasource Communications Inc1972VVVVInactive.
Viasystems Group1973VGAcquired by TTM Technologies.
Vicinity Corp1995VCNTActive
Vina Technologies Inc1996VINAUnknown
Virage Inc1994VRGEInactive.
Virage Logic Corp1995VIRLAcquired by Synopsys
Virologic Inc1995VLGCInactive.
ViryaNet LTD1988VRYAAcquired by Verint.
Votorantim Celulose e Papel SA-99VCPActive
Vyyo Inc1996VYYOInactive
W-H Energy Services Inc1989WHESAcquired by Nabors Industries.
Watson Wyatt & Co Holdings1946WWAcquired by Willis Towers Watson
Waypoint Financial Corp1955WYPTActive
Webex Communications Inc1995WEBXAcquired by Cisco.
webMethods Inc1996WEBMAcquired by Software AG
Websense Inc1994WBSNAcquired by Forcepoint.
Western Multiplex Corp1979WMUXInactive
Westport Resources Corp1991WRCInactive Holdings Corp1994WNETInactive.
Wilson Greatbatch Technologies1970GBAcquired by Integer Holdings Corporation.
Witness Systems Inc1988WITSAcquired by Verint Systems Inc.
WJ Communications Inc1957WJCIAcquired by TriQuint Semiconductor
WorldQuest Networks Inc1996WQNIInactive.
XCarenet Inc1989XCARActive
Zengine Inc1999ZNGNUnknown
Companies that had their IPO in 2000 and their current statis

Frequently asked questions

How many IPOs were there in 2000? 

There were approximately 431 IPOs in 2000 according to Wikipedia data and Jay R. Ritter’s data from UF Warrington College of Business. However, it’s hard to find a complete list of every company that has hit the stock exchange for the first time since the global data is fragmented. Please do your own research to confirm this.

Which company that had its IPO in 2000 is currently valued the highest?

As of June 2023, Verizon has a market capitalization of $149B followed by  Intuitive Surgical with a market capitalization of $109B. Of course, this is subject to change and you should check for the latest data. 

Which companies that had their IPO in 2000 are now defunct?

So far six companies have been classified as “defunct”, these are:
– Divine, Inc.
– Gadzoox
– Palm, Inc
– WebMethods
– Trader Classified Media

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