The 130 Companies That Had Their IPO In 2001

130 companies that had their ipo in 2001

2001 was a year that went down in history and one that I could personally never forget.

Despite the crazy world events, some great companies still went public including ASOS, Burberry, and Weight Watchers.

Keep reading to find out which companies went public and how they're performing today.

Major world events that happened in 2001 that affected the stock markets

September 11 Attacks on The World Trade Center: On September 11 the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists which had a profound impact on America. Whilst there were no significant IPOs directly impacted it did shake up the financial markets.

Dot-com Bubble Burst: The dot-com bubble eventually burst in 2001, leading to a decline in stock prices and investor confidence. Several IPOs were affected, with many internet companies struggling or going bankrupt.

Enron Scandal: Enron, a major energy company, filed for bankruptcy in December 2001 after an accounting scandal. This had a significant impact on investor confidence and led to increased scrutiny of corporate accounting practices.

IPO Market Conditions: The overall IPO market in 2001 was challenging due to the dot-com bubble burst and the general economic downturn following the September 11 attacks. Investor sentiment was cautious, resulting in a decrease in IPO activity.

4 interesting companies that went public in 2001

1. Accenture

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Information Technology Services
  • IPO Price: $14.50
  • IPO Date: July 19, 2001

Accenture Sydney
Accenture building Sydney

Even though Accenture denied my job applications three times, they're still an incredible company. They're a global professional services business that provides solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. They help their clients improve performance and create value across their organizations.

2. Burberry

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Stock Exchange: London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Industry: Luxury Goods

Burberry via User Testing-min

Burberry is a luxury fashion house that designs, manufactures, and sells clothing, accessories, and fragrances. They were founded in 1856 and are renowned for its iconic trench coat and its signature tartan pattern. The company also offers a range of services, such as personal shopping, monogramming, and bespoke tailoring.

3. Weight Watchers International

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Internet Retail
  • IPO Date: November 15, 2001

weight watchers shop

Weight Watchers was an early innovator in the health and wellness space. They're now a globally recognized company that provides innovative products and services to help people live healthier lives. They offer a range of products and services, including nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle programs, as well as digital tools and resources to help people reach their health and wellness goals. According to their website, their mission is to inspire healthy habits for real life, and they strive to make wellness accessible for everyone.

The 130 companies that had their IPO in 2001

Company NameDate FoundedTicker SymbolCurrent Status
Accenture LTD1953ACNActive
Advisory Board Co1979ABCOActive
AFC Enterprises Inc1992AFCEActive
Agere Systems Inc1989AGRAcquired by LSI Corporation.
Align Technology1997ALGNActive
Alliance Data Systems Corp1983ADSActive
Alliance Imaging Inc1983AIQAcquired by Radiology Partners
Aluminum Corp of China1989ACHActive
American Pharm Partners1996APPXActive
Amerigroup Corp1994AMGPAcquired by Anthem Inc.
AMN Healthcare Services Inc1985AHSActive
Anthem Inc1944ATHActive
Aquacell Technologies Inc1997AQAInactive.
Aquila Energy1986ILAActive
Aramark Worldwide Corp1946RMKActive
ATP Oil & Gas Corp1991ATPGBankrupt
Bam Entertainment Inc1999BFUNInactive
Blackrock Ca Mun 2018 Term Tr-99BJZActive
BlackRock CA Mun Inc Trst-99BFZActive
Blackrock Core Bond Trust-99BHKActive
BlackRock Fl Mun Inc Trust-99BBFActive
BlackRock Mun 2018 Term Trust-99BPKActive
BlackRock Municipal Income-99BFKActive
BlackRock New York Municipal-99BNYActive
BlackRock NJ Municipal Income-99BNJActive
Blackrock NY Mun 2018 Term Tr-99BLJActive
Briazz Inc1995BRZZInactive
Bruker AXS Inc1991BAXSActive
Bunge Ltd1901BGActive
Centene Corp1984CNTEActive
CNOOC Ltd1982CEOActive
Cohen & Steers Adv Inc Fund In-99RLFActive
Converium Holding AG-99CHRAcquired
Corporate High Yield Fund IV-99HYWActive
Corporate High Yield Fund V-99HYVActive
Cross Country Inc1991CCRNActive
Diversified Security Solutions1989DVSActive
DJ Orthopedics Inc1982DJOActive
Encore Acquisition Co1998EACAcquired.
Exact Sciences Corp1995EXASActive
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd1970FPHCActive
FMC Technologies Inc1961FTIAcquired by TechnipFMC.
Galyans Trading Co Inc1946GLYNAcquired by Dick's Sporting Goods.
General Maritime Corp1997GMRActive
Given Imaging LTD1998GIVNAcquired by Covidien
Global Power Equipment Group1968GEGActive
GMX Resources Inc1998GMXRBankrupt
HPL Technologies Inc1989HPLAActive
Inergy, LP1996NRGYActive
Instinet Group Inc1969INETAcquired by Nomura
Investors Capital Holdings Ltd1992ICHInactive.
Kinder Morgan Mgmt LLC1986KMRActive
KPMG Consulting1987KCINActive
Kraft Foods Inc1914KFTAcquired by Mondelez International.
Lawson Software Inc1975LWSNAcquired by Infor.
LogicVision Inc1992LGVNAcquired by Mentor Graphics
Loudcloud Inc1999LDCLAcquired by HP.
Magma Design Automation Inc1997LAVAAcquired by Synopsys Inc.
Max Re Capital LTD1999MXREAcquired
MCG Capital Corp.1990MCGCAcquired
Medcath Corp1988MDTHInactive
Microhelix Inc1997Inactive.
Monolithic System Technology1991MOSYInactive
Multilink Technology Corp1994MLTCActive
Mykrolis Corporation1954MYKAcquired by Entegris
Nassda Corp1998NSDAAcquired by Cadence Design Systems.
Natus Medical Inc1987BABYActive
NetScreen Technologies Inc1997NSCNAcquired by Juniper Networks.
Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc1996NWBTActive
Nuveen Arizona Div Muni Fund-99NFZActive
Nuveen Ca Div Adv Mun Fund 3-99NZHActive
Nuveen California Dividend-99NVXActive
Nuveen CT Div Adv Muni Fund-99NFCActive
Nuveen Div Adv Mun Fund 3-99NZFActive
Nuveen Div Adv Muni Fund 2-99NXZActive
Nuveen GA Div Adv Mun Fund-99NZXActive
Nuveen MASS Div Advantage Fund-99NMBActive
Nuveen MD Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NZRActive
Nuveen MD Div Adv Muni Fund1999NFMActive
Nuveen Michigan Dividend-99NZWActive
Nuveen NC Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NNOActive
Nuveen NJ Div Avd Muni Fund1999NXJActive
Nuveen North Carolina-99NRBActive
Nuveen NY Div Adv Muni Fund 2-99NXKActive
Nuveen Ohio Div Adv Muni Fund-99NXIActive
Nuveen Ohio Div Adv Muni Fund-99NXIActive
Nuveen PA Div Adv Mun Fund-99NXMActive
Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund-99JRSActive
Nuveen VA Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NNBActive
Nuveen Virginia Dividend-99NGBActive
Odyssey Healthcare Inc1995ODSYAcquired
Odyssey Re Holdings Corp1991ORHActive
Oil States International Inc1989OISActive
OmniCell Inc1992OMCLActive
PDF Solutions Inc1991PDFSActive
Peabody Energy Corp1883BTUActive
Peet's Coffee & Tea1966PEETActive
Penn Virginia Resource Prt LP-99PVRActive
Phoenix Cos Inc1901PNXInactive
Pimco CA Mun Inc Fund-99PCQActive
Pimco Corporate Income Fund-99PCNActive
Pimco Municipal Income Fund-99PMFActive
Pimco NY Mun Inc Fund-99PNFActive
Princeton Review Inc1981REVUActive
Principal Financial Group Inc1901PFGActive
Prudential Financial Inc1901PRUActive
Reliant Resources Inc1996RRIAcquired
Riverstone Networks Inc1995RSTNInactive
Seattle Genetics Inc1997SGENActive
Select Medical Corp1997SLMCActive
Shamrock Logistics LP-99UDLUActive
Simplex Solutions Inc1995SPLXAcquired by Cadence Design Systems Inc.
Smith & Wollensky Rntnt Grp1977SWRGActive
Stelmar Shipping Ltd1992SJHInactive
SureBeam Corp1981SUREInactive
Taser International Inc1993TASRUAcquired by Axon.
Tellium Inc1997TELMInactive.
TheraSense Inc1996THERAcquired by Abbott.
Third Wave Technologies Inc1993TWTIAcquired by Hologic Inc.
Torch Offshore Inc1978TORCInactive
Unilab Corp1988ULABActive
United Defense Industries Inc1941UDIAcquired by BAE Systems.
United Surgical Partners Intl1998USPIActive
VCA Antech Inc1986WOOFAcquired by Mars Inc.
Verisity Ltd1995VRSTAcquired by Cadence Design Systems.
Weight Watchers International1974WTWActive
Westlinks Resources Ltd1996WLKSInactive
Williams Energy Partners LP-99WEGAcquired
Willis Group Holdings Ltd1901WSHActive
Wright Medical Group Inc1950WMGIAcquired by Stryker
Companies that had their IPO in 2001 and the current status

Frequently asked questions

How many IPOs were there in 2001? 

There were approximately 130 IPOs in 2001 according to Wikipedia data and Jay R. Ritter’s data from UF Warrington College of Business. However, it’s hard to find a complete list of every company that has hit the stock exchange for the first time since the global data is fragmented. Please do your own research to confirm this.

Which company that had its IPO in 2001 is currently valued the highest?

As of June 2023, Accenture has a market capitalization of $194B. Of course, this is subject to change and you should check for the latest data. 

Which companies that had their IPO in 2001 are now defunct?

Zero companies have been classified as “defunct”.

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