The 131 Companies That Had Their IPO In 2003

160 companies that had their ipo in 2003

2003 is a year that had some similarities with 2020.

With a global health crisis and natural disasters, it seems that history repeats itself.

And of course, there were ramifications to the financial markets.

In this article, we're going to review the 130+ companies that had their IPO in 2003 and how they're performing today.

Major world events that happened in 2003 that affected the stock markets

SARS outbreak

Invasion of Iraq continues: The United States, supported by a coalition of countries, launched a military invasion of Iraq in March 2003, leading to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime. The invasion was based on the claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which were not found.

SARS Outbreak: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) emerged as a global health crisis in early 2003. The disease spread rapidly, causing significant illness and death in multiple countries. The outbreak was eventually contained by mid-2003. This is somewhat similar to the current COVID crisis faced.

European Heatwave: A severe heatwave struck Europe in the summer of 2003, resulting in thousands of deaths across the continent. High temperatures and heat-related illnesses put a strain on healthcare systems and highlighted the vulnerability of certain populations.

4 notable companies that went public in 2003

1. Buffalo Wild Wings (Acquired by Arby's)

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Restaurant
  • IPO Price: $17
  • IPO Date: November 21, 2003

buffalo wild wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant chain that specializes in wings, beer, and sports. They're hands down one of my favorite spots for wings! They offer a variety of flavors, a wide selection of beers, and a lively atmosphere for watching sports (another bonus). They were eventually acquired by Arby's in 2018.

2. Seiko Epson

  • Country: Japan
  • Stock Exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO)
  • Industry: Computer Hardware
  • IPO Price: N/A
  • IPO Date: June 27, 2003

epson printer

Epson seems like a boring company at first, however, these are usually the companies that perform the best. Most of us rely on Epson for our printing, but they produce more than printers. They're a global technology leader dedicated to connecting people, things, and information with its original efficient, compact, and precise technologies. They offer a wide range of products including printers, projectors, scanners, robots, and industrial automation equipment. They also provide services such as printing, scanning, and document management solutions.

3. Netgear

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Communication Equipment
  • IPO Price: $14
  • IPO Date: July 31, 2003

netgear products

Netgear is a global networking company that provides connectivity products to consumers, businesses, and service providers. Their product range includes routers, switches, modems, WiFi systems, and security solutions. Netgear also provides cloud-based services, such as remote access, storage, and backup. Its products are designed to provide reliable, secure, and high-performance networking solutions.

4. Group

  • Country: Singapore
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Travel Services
  • IPO Price: $2.46
  • IPO Date: 12 December 2003 Group is a leading online travel service provider, offering comprehensive travel-related services to customers and partners worldwide. It provides a one-stop travel booking platform for flights, hotels, packages, car rentals, airport transfers, and other travel-related services. They compete with companies such as Airbnb and

The 161 companies that had their Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2003

Company NameYear FoundedTicker SymbolCurrent Status
Accredited Home Lenders1990LENDInactive
Acusphere Inc1993ACUSInactive
Advancis Pharmaceutical Corp1999AVNCInactive
Advent Claymore Conv Sec Fund-99AVKActive
Amer Equity Investment Life1995AELActive
American Finl Realty Trust-99AFRActive
AMIS Holdings1966AMISUnknown
Anchor Glass Container Corp1993AGCCActive
Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc-99AHTActive
Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd2002AHLAcquired
Axis Capital Holdings Ltd2001AXSActive
Bancshares of Florida Inc1998BOFLActive
BlackRock Divi Achievers Trst-99BDVActive
BlackRock Florida Mun 2020-99BFOActive
Blackrock Ltd Duration Inc Tr-99BLWActive
BlackRock Municipal 2020 Term-99BKKActive
Blackrock Preferred Opp Trust-99BPPActive
Buffalo Wild Wings Inc1982BWLDAcquired by Arby's.
Calamos Cvt and High Inc Fund-99CHYActive
Callidus Software Inc1996CALDAcquired by SAP.
CancerVax Corp1998CNVXInactive
Capitalsource Inc2000CSEAcquired
Carters Inc1865CRIActive
Centennial Specialty Food1998CHLEActive
Central Freight Lines Inc.1925CENFActive
China Life Insurance Company L1949LFCActive
Citadel Broadcasting Corp1984CDLAcquired by Cumulus Media Inc.
Coast Financial Holdings Inc2000CFHIAcquired.
Cohen & Steers REIT Pref Fund-99RNPActive
Compass Minerals International1900CMPActive
Conn's Inc1890CONNActive
Corporate High Yield Fund VI-99HYTActive International1999CTRPActive
Digital Theater Systems Inc1990DTSIAcquired by Xperi Corporation.
DigitalNet Holdings Inc1973DNETInactive
Direct General Corp1991DRCTAcquired by National General Holdings Corp.
Eaton Vance Floating Rate-99EFRActive
Eaton Vance Limited Duration-99EVVActive
Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Div-99EVTActive
Endurance Specialty Holdings2001ENHAcquired by Sompo International.
Evergreen Income Adv Fund1932EADActive
Evergreen Managed Income-99ERCActive
F&C Claymore Preferred Fund-99FFCActive
Falcon Financial Investment Tr1997FLCNActive
First Marblehead Corp1991FMDInactive
First Potomac Realty Trust-99FPOAcquired
First Trst Value Line 100 Fund-99FVLActive
First Trust Val Line Div Fund-99FVDActive
First Trust/Four Corners Sen-99FCMActive
Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore-99FLCActive
Floating Rate Income Fund Inc-99FRAActive
FormFactor Inc1993FORMActive
Frank Temp Lim Dur Inc Trust-99FTFInactive
Franklin Bank Corp.2001FBTXAcquired.
Gabelli Dividend & Inc Trust2003GDVActive
Genitope Corp1996GTOPInactive
Gladstone Commercial Corp-99GOODActive
Highland Hospitality Corp1999HIHUnknown
Highland Hospitality Corp.2003HIHUnknown.
Infinity Prop & Casualty Corp2001IPCCActive
ING Clarion RE Income Fund-99IIAActive
Integrated Alarm Services1985IASGActive
International Steel Group Inc.1901ISGAcquired by Mittal Steel Company.
InterVideo Inc1998IVIIAcquired by Corel Corporation.
Ipass Inc1996IPASActive
iPayment Inc1992IPMTAcquired.
John Hancock Pref Inc Fund III-99HPSActive
Journal Co1882JRNActive
Kintera Inc.2000KNTAAcquired.
Knology Inc.1896KNOLAcquired.
LECG Corp1988XPRTInactive
Leh Bros First Trust Opp Fund-99LBCActive
LKQ Corp1998LKQXActive
Luminent Mortgage Capital2003LUMBankrupt
Maguire Properties-99MPGInactive
Marlin Business Services Inc1997MRLNUnknown.
MBIA Cap/Claymore Managed2003MZFActive
Mercer Insurance Group-99MIGPActive
Molina Healthcare Inc1980MOHActive
Muni Intermediate Duration-99MUIActive
Muni New York Intermediate-99MNEActive
Myogen Inc1996MYOGAcquired by Gilead Sciences.
National Financial Partners1999NFPAcquired
Natural Golf Corp.1992NAXInactive.
Nelnet Inc.1978NNIActive.
Neuberger Berman Inc Opp Fund2003NOXActive
Neuberger Berman RE Sec Inc Fd2003NROActive
Neuberger Berman Real Inc Fund-99NRIActive
Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc1996NXSTActive
Nich-Apple Conv & Inc Fd II-99NCZUnknown
Nicholas-Applegate Cvt Inc Fd-99NCVInactive
NitroMed Inc1992NTMDInactive.
NPTest Holding Corp.1965NPTTUnknown.
Nuveen Diversified Dividend-99JDDActive
Nuveen Pref & Con Inc Fd II-99JQCActive
Nuveen Pref and Conv Fund-99JPCActive
Open Solutions Inc1992OPENUnknown
Orbitz Inc.2000ORBZAcquired by Expedia.
Overnite Corporation1935OVNTAcquired by UPS
Pharmion Corp1999PHRMAcquired by Celgene
Pimco Floating Rate Income2003PFLActive
PIMCO High Income Fund-99PHKActive
Pinnacle Airlines Corp1985PNCLDefunct
Pioneer Muni High Inc Trust-99MHIActive
Pioneer Municipal High Income2003MAVActive
Preferred & Corporate Income-99PSWActive
Preferred Income Strat Fund-99PSYActive
Provide Commerce Inc.1998PRVDAcquired by FTD Companies Inc.
Providence Service Corp1996PRSCActive
Quality Distribution Inc1994QLTYAcquired by Apollo Global Management.
RedEnvelope Inc1997REDEInactive
Redline Performance Inc1999REDActive
RMK High Income Fund Inc-99RMHActive
Salomon Bros Global High Yield-99EHIUnknown
Salomon Brothers Emerging Mkts-99ESDInactive
Scudder RREEF REIT Fund II Inc-99SROInactive
Sigmatel Inc2000SGTLAcquired by Dialog Semiconductor
Sirva Inc.1933SIRActive.
Synnex Information Tech Inc1980SNXActive
Telkom SA Ltd-99TKGActive
Tempur-Pedic International Inc1989TPXActive
Tessera Technologies Inc1990TSRAAcquired by Xperi Corporation.
Texas Capital Bancshares Inc1998TCBIActive
United National Group Ltd.1960UNGLActive
Universal Technical Institute1968UTIActive
Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals2001VAPNInactive
Volume Services America Holdin-99CVPActive
Western Asset/Claymore US Trs-99WIAActive
Whiting Petroleum Holdings Inc1980WLLBankrupt
Companies that had their IPO in 2003 and their current status

Frequently asked questions

How many IPOs were there in 2003? 

There were approximately 161 IPOs in 2003 according to Wikipedia dataCrunchbaseYahoo FinanceRenaissance Capital, Techcrunch, and Jay R. Ritter’s data from UF Warrington College of Business. However, it’s hard to find a complete list of every company that has hit the stock exchange for the first time since the global data is fragmented. Please do your own research to confirm this.

Which company that had its IPO in 2003 is currently valued the highest?

As of June 2023, Group has a market capitalization of $37B followed by Molina Healthcare with a market capitalization of $16B. Of course, this is subject to change and you should check for the latest data.

Which companies that had their IPO in 2003 are now defunct?

So far one company has been classified as “defunct”, including NII Holdings.

What is the IPO process?

The IPO process is different for every stock exchange. However, it typically involves several similar steps. These steps often include:

1. Gathering proposals from underwriters
2. Choosing a suitable investment bank as the underwriter
3. Forming an IPO team
4. Preparing the correct IPO documentation
5. Conducting a roadshow to generate interest/demand
6. Forming a board of directors
7. Issuing the shares on the IPO date

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