The 161 Companies That Had Their IPO In 2002

companies that had their ipo in 2002 updated

2002 was a rough year for many, especially Americans.

There were wars, scandals, and even the adoption of a single currency for the European Union.

Continue reading to find out which major world events happened in 2002, which companies went public, and how they're performing today.

Major world events that happened in 2002 that affected the stock markets

US Army - Wikipedia
US Army in Afghanistan via Wikipedia

Afghanistan War: The war in Afghanistan continued, with a major focus on combating the Taliban regime and Al-Qaeda following the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Iraq War: The United States invaded Iraq in March 2003. However, tensions and preparations for the war were significant in 2002 after September 11. Inspections by the United Nations and diplomatic negotiations dominated international headlines.

Euro currency introduced: On January 1, 2002, 12 European Union countries adopted the euro as their official currency, marking a significant step towards economic integration.

Enron scandal: Enron, one of the largest energy companies in the United States, filed for bankruptcy in December 2001. Although the scandal unfolded in 2002, revealing massive accounting fraud and corporate misconduct, leading to the collapse of Arthur Andersen, one of the “Big Five” accounting firms at the time.

4 interesting companies that had their IPO in 2002

1. Big 5 Sporting Goods

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Specialty Retail
  • IPO Price: $13
  • IPO Date: June 25, 2002


Big 5 Sporting Goods is a leading sporting goods retailer in the United States with over 430 stores. They sell quality sporting goods, apparel, and footwear from top brands. Over the years they've expanded their catalog to include camping, fishing and even barbecuing products.

2. Dick's Sporting Goods

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Specialty Retail
  • IPO Price: $12
  • IPO Date: October 16, 2002

Dicks wiki

Dick's Sporting Goods is a Big 5 Sporting Goods competitor and is just as well known throughout America. They sell a wide selection of products for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, including apparel, footwear, and equipment for team sports, fitness, camping, hunting, fishing, tennis, golf, and more. They also provide services such as custom team uniforms, team sales, and team fundraising.

3. GameStop

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Industry: Specialty Retail
  • IPO Price: $18
  • IPO Date: February 13, 2002


If you've spent time researching stocks then you've definitely heard of GameStop. They're a global retailer of video games, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise. It offers new and pre-owned video games, consoles, and accessories for all major gaming platforms, as well as collectibles, apparel, and other gaming-related merchandise. Their stock price surged in 2021 due to a short squeeze that started in the subreddit group r/wallstbets. Despite the company slowly shutting down stores, they still operate more than 4,000 stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

4. PayPal

  • Country: United States of America
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Industry: Credit Services
  • IPO Price: $13
  • IPO Date: February 2002

paypal ipo
Via Market Insider

PayPal is one of the first digital payment providers I came across since it integrated with eBay nicely. They're a digital payment platform that enables users to securely send and receive money online. It provides a secure and convenient way to transfer money to friends, family, and businesses. PayPal also offers a range of services such as merchant services, payment processing, and money transfers.

The 161 companies that had their Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2002

Company NameDate FoundedTicker SymbolCurrent Status
Aeropostale Inc1983AROBankrupt
AEW Real Estate Income Fund-99RIFActive
AIM Select Real Estate Income-99RREActive
Alcon Inc1971ACLActive
Alliance California Municipal-99AKPActive
Alliance National Municipal-99AFBActive
Alliance NY Municipal Fund Inc-99AYNActive
Altiris Inc1996ATRSAcquired by Symantec.
Anteon International Corp1992ANTAcquired by General Dynamics
Asbury Automotive Group1996ABGActive
Big 5 Sporting Goods1955BGFVActive
Biodelivery Sciences Int'l Inc1997Active
BlackRock CA Muni Income II-99BCLActive
Blackrock Cali Insured Muni-99BCKActive
Blackrock California Municipal-99BZAActive
Blackrock Florida Insured Muni-99BAFActive
Blackrock Florida Municipal-99BIEActive
Blackrock Insured Muni Income-99BYMActive
Blackrock Maryland Municipal-99BZMActive
BlackRock Muni Income II-99BLEActive
Blackrock Municipal Bond Trust-99BBKActive
Blackrock New Jersey Municipal-99BLJActive
BlackRock New York Municipal-99BQHActive
Blackrock NY Insured Muni-99BSEActive
BlackRock NY Muni Income II-99BFYActive
BlackRock Strategic Bond Trust-99BHDActive
Blackrock Virginia Municipal-99BHVActive
Calamos Cvt Opp & Income Fund-99CHIActive
Carolina Group1901CGUnknown
Chicago Mercantile Exchange1898CMEActive
China Telecommunications1995CHAActive
CIT Group Inc Del1908CITActive
Cohen & Steers Premium Income-99RPFActive
Cohen & Steers Quality Income-99RQIActive
Commercial Capital Bancorp1998CCBIInactive
Computer Programs & Systems1981CPSIActive
Constar International1927CNSTInactive
Crosstex Energy LP1992XTEXAcquired
CTI Molecular Imaging Inc1983CTMIAcquired by Siemens.
Dickie Walker Marine Inc2000DWMAUnknown
Dicks Sporting Goods Inc1948DKSActive
DOV Pharmaceutical Inc1995DOVPInactive
Eaton Vance Ins CA Mun Bnd Fnd-99EVMActive
Eaton Vance Ins CA Mun Fnd I-99EIAActive
Eaton Vance Ins Mun Bd Fd II-99EIVActive
Eaton Vance Ins NY Muni I-99NYHActive
Eaton Vance Insured Florida-99EIFActive
Eaton Vance Insured Mass Muni-99MABActive
Eaton Vance Insured Michigan-99MIWActive
Eaton Vance Insured Muni Fund-99EIMActive
Eaton Vance Insured New Jersey-99EMJActive
Eaton Vance Insured New York-99ENXActive
Eaton Vance Insured Ohio-99EIOActive
Eaton Vance Insured PA Muni-99EIPActive
Empire Financial Holdings Co1990EFHActive
Enbridge Energy Management LLC1981EEQActive
Eon Labs Inc1992ELABUnknown
ExpressJet Holdings Inc1996XJTInactive
Federated Premier Intermediate-99FPTActive
Federated Premier Municipal-99FMNActive
First Amer MN Muni Fund II-99MXNActive
GameStop Corp1987GMEActive
Harrington West Financial Grp1983HWFGUnknown
Healthetech Inc1998HETCUnknown
Heritage Ppty Invest Trust Inc-99HTGActive
Hewitt Associates Inc1940HEWAcquired by Aon.
Hyperion Strat Mortgage Income-99HSMActive
Impac Medical Systems1990IMPCAcquired by Elekta.
Integrated Defense Tech1986IDEActive
Inveresk Research Group Inc1993IRGIAcquired by Charles River Laboratories.
JetBlue Airways Corp1999JBLUActive
John Hancock Pref Inc Fund II-99HPFActive
John Hancock Preferred Income-99HPIActive
Kirkland's Inc1966KIRKActive
Kyphon Inc1994KYPHAcquired by Medtronic
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc1995LFAcquired by VTech.
LIN Television Corp1966TVLActive
Liquidmetal Technologies1987LQMTActive
Macquarie Prologis Trust-99MPRActive
ManTech International Corp1968MANTActive
MarkWest Energy Partners LP-99MWEAcquired by MPLX LP
Martin Midstream Partners LP1951MMLPActive
Medical Staffing Network1997MRNActive
MedSource Technologies Inc1998MEDTActive
Montana Mills Bread Co Inc1996MMXUnknown
Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd2001MRHActive
MTC Technologies Inc1984MTCTAcquired by BAE Systems.
Natural Gas Services Group Inc-99NGSActive
Natural Resource Partners LP1969NRPActive Inc1999NFLXActive
Neuberger Berman Cali Fund2002NBWActive
Neuberger Berman Intermediate-99NBHActive
Neuberger Berman NY Fund-99NBOActive
Neuberger Berman Real Estate-99NRLActive
Newcastle Investment Corp-99NCTActive
Nuveen Arizona Dividend-99NXEActive
Nuveen AZ Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NKRActive
Nuveen Conn Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NGKActive
Nuveen Conn Div Adv Mun Fund 3-99NGOActive
Nuveen GA Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NKGActive
Nuveen Insured CA Div Adv Mun-99NKLActive
Nuveen Insured California Tax-99NKXActive
Nuveen Insured Dividend-99NVGActive
Nuveen Insured Florida Tax-99NWFActive
Nuveen Insured Massachusetts-99NGXActive
Nuveen Insured New York Tax-99NRKActive
Nuveen Insured NY Div Mun Fund-99NKOActive
Nuveen Insured Tax Free Fund-99NEAActive
Nuveen Maryland Dividend-99NWIActive
Nuveen NJ Div Adv Mun Fund 2-99NUJActive
Nuveen North Carolina Fund 3-99NIIActive
Nuveen Ohio Div Adv Mun Fund 3-99NVJActive
Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend-99NVYActive
Nuveen Quality Pref Inc Fund-99JTPActive
Nuveen Quality Pref Inc Fund 2-99JPSActive
Nuveen Quality Pref Inc Fund 3-99JHPActive
Ohio Legacy Corp.1999OLCBActive.
Pacer International Inc1974PACRAcquired by XPO Logistics.
Pacific Energy Partners LP2002PPXActive
Paypal Inc1998PYPLActive
Petco Animal Supplies Inc1965PETCActive
PIMCO California Municipal III-99PZCActive
PIMCO California Municipal Inc-99PCKActive
PIMCO Corp Opp Fund-99PTYActive
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II-99PMLActive
Pimco Municipal Income III-99PMXActive
PIMCO New York Municipal-99PNIActive
PIMCO New York Municipal 3-99PYNActive
Pioneer High Income Trust2002PHHActive
Platinum Underwriters Holdings2002PTPAcquired
Plumtree Software Inc1996PLUMAcquired by BEA Systems (2005)
Portfolio Recovery Associates1996PRAAActive
Premcor Inc1988PCOAcquired
Printcafe Software Inc1987PCAFAcquired.
Quinton Cardiology Systems Inc1953QUINInactive
Real Estate Income Fund Inc-99RITActive
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc1969RRGBActive
Regal Entertainment Group1946RGCAcquired by Cineworld
Ribapharm Inc1995RNAInactive.
Safety Insurance Group1979SAFTActive
Scudder RREEF Real Estate Fund-99SRQActive
Seagate Technology1979STXActive
SI International1998SINTAcquired by Serco.
SRA International Inc1978SRXAcquired by CSRA Inc.
Sunoco Logistics Partners LP-99SXLAcquired by Energy Transfer Partners
Synaptics Inc1986SYNAActive
Taylor Capital Group Inc-99TAYCAcquired by MB Financial Inc.
Travelers Property Casualty1870TAPActive
USI Holdings Corp1994USIHAcquired by Goldman Sachs
Veridian Corp1948VNXActive
Verint Systems Inc1994VRNTActive
WCI Communities Inc1946WCIAcquired by Lennar Corporation.
Wimm Bill Dann Foods-99WBDAcquired by PepsiCo.
Windrose Med Ppty Trust2002WRSActive
Wynn Resorts Ltd2000WYNNActive
ZymoGenetics Inc1981ZGENAcquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Companies that went public in 2002 and their current status

Frequently asked questions

How many IPOs were there in 2002? 

There were approximately 161 IPOs in 2002 according to Wikipedia data and Jay R. Ritter’s data from UF Warrington College of Business. However, it’s hard to find a complete list of every company that has hit the stock exchange for the first time since the global data is fragmented. Please do your own research to confirm this.

Which company that had its IPO in 2002 is currently valued the highest?

As of June 2023, PayPal has a market capitalization of $71B. Of course, this is subject to change and you should check for the latest data. 

Which companies that had their IPO in 2002 are now defunct?

So far one company has been classified as “defunct”, which is Stage Stores.

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