Finimize Review – Is it worth your time and money? (2024)

finimize review

Finimize has been all the hype for the last five years.

And, of course, I gave in to the hype.

I’ve been a Finimize member on and off for some time, so I think it’s only right I leave an honest and accurate review. 

In this article, I’ll cover what Finimize is all about, what you can expect with a free membership, and the difference with a premium membership. 

Let’s get into it!

What is Finimize?

Finimize is a financial news and education platform designed to help its users become better investors. They provide educational content, timely news, and easy-to-digest updates on what’s happening worldwide. They’ve also put substantial effort into creating a community and hosting events. 

Finimize has six core features: news, education, analysis, community, an app, and a business hub for enterprise customers. In this guide, I’ll review each so you know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up. My goal is to help you decide whether Finimize is for you.

The Best Finimize Features

1. Finimize News

finimize news
Finimize News Dashboard Web Version

If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in global financial markets, then Finimize News will have you covered. Unlike news sites like MarketWatch or Yahoo Finance, Finimize breaks down what each story means and why you should care. 

You’ll often see each article formatted into these sections:

  • What’s going on here?
  • What does this mean?
  • Why should I care?
    • Zooming in
    • The bigger picture

finimize news parts
Finimize News Article

Not only does this make it easier to understand the news article, it makes it faster to grasp what's actually going on. You don’t need to read some long-winded article full of jargon and ads. Although, if you want more direction and not just news consider joining Ticker Nerd to get access to specific stocks that have the potential to 10x.

2. Finimize Education

finimize guide
Finimize Guides

If you’re getting started with investing or dabbling in a new asset, then the educational aspect of Finimize is beneficial. You can find guides on pretty much anything, including ETFs, Robo Advisors, Investing Basics, Real Estate, Stock Market Fundamentals, Alternative Assets, and Outlooks from professional investors. 

One of my favorite articles is “Is it better to rent a home or buy one outright?”. It’s obvious that many people have had the same thought and are lost on which option is best for them. The article broke down every aspect of home ownership, including short and long-term costs, pros and costs, and resources to check out. 

Overall, I think the educational content is helpful and will positively impact each user in one way or another.

P.S. If you want to invest like Warren Buffet, you can learn how to do that too ???? 

3. Finimize Analysis (for Finimize Premium members)

finimize premium content
Finimize Premium Content

Finimize Analysis is a core feature that premium members can access. You can expect to find detailed investment ideas, research, and opportunities. However, this is a bit of a letdown. Unlike investment newsletters or stock picking services, you won’t be given guidance on specific trades, stocks, or even assets but rather broad economic trends. 

The research is thorough, and the commentary is helpful, but it feels like entertainment. And don’t get me wrong, a Finimize Premium membership is probably better entertainment than a Netflix membership. But I still feel like I could subscribe to more actionable services such as Morningstar.

4. Finimize Community

Finimize community stats
Finimize community statistics as at 7 July 2023

This actually might be the most impressive aspect of Finimize. Almost 4,000 members have met in one month (virtually and physically) to learn about and discuss finance. 

If I were diving head first into finance for the first time, I would 100% join Finimize to attend these events. Each month Finimize hosts unique meetups that help users connect with each other and level up. Here are some of their previous meetups:

  • Investing 101: Where to Invest in 2023
  • Community Town Hall 2023
  • How the news affects the stock market
  • Preparing for a volatile 2023 and beyond
  • An investing survival guide for the self-employed (one of my personal favorites)

Here’s an unlisted Youtube video of the Community Town Hall 2023. Checkout 

P.S. Jump to 4 minutes and 30 seconds to see how Finimize takes onboard user feedback and builds features to keep adding value.  

5. Finimize for Business

finimize licence
Finimize License Badge

After reading a fair few articles, I noticed the “Licence” badge. After digging a bit deeper, I realized that Finimize offers businesses a license to use financial content for their own staff or members.

Business customers can integrate with their content library via a news API or hand-pick the most relevant articles for their use case. This is particularly useful for other brands with apps that want to provide news but do not have the resources to hire a dedicated news team.

6. Finimize App

The Finimze app is the highlight of their product offering. It’s smooth, easy to use, and packed with value. Not to mention some of the features are only available within the app, so you can expect loads of popups driving you to download it.

finimize app my dashboard
My Finimize Premium App Dashboard
finimize app markets beta
Finimize Premium Stock Data Portal

The main difference between the web version and the app is that you can only listen to news articles through the app. On top of this, you can access the “Markets Beta” platform, which has tons of stocks and data points to supplement your research. 

Since most people listen to podcasts, the Finimize app can be used as a podcast.

finimize app daily briefing
Finimize Daily Briefing

Most Daily Briefs can be listened to in less than 5 minutes and cover the most critical news. For users that want to learn more, I find quick links to each story convenient.

Is Finimize Legit?

By now, you should know that Finimize is 100% legit. 

The Founder and CEO, Maximilian Rofagha, has a successful track record with business and investing. He’s also very active in the business and hosts many meetups (including the Town Hall one line above). 

Finimize Pros and Cons

Finimize Pros

  • The Finimize team takes onboard feedback and does its best to improve their product
  • News articles are summarised in an easy-to-digest format
  • You can listen to most of the content on the app
  • The app is smooth and fun to use
  • The community is active and growing quickly

Finimize Cons

  • You can’t listen to articles unless you download the app
  • The analysis section is reserved for premium members
  • Finimize Premium doesn’t seem worth it.
  • The premium content is exciting but not as actionable as I would like

Finimize Pricing

finimize pricing
Finimize Pricing Options

Finimize has a free version with limited access to its content and a daily newsletter. To access Finimize Premium, you must pay $69.99 annually with a 7-day free trial. Sometimes, offers and discounts are circulating, so sign up for their free version first. 

Finimize alternatives

If you’re reading this review because you’re on the fence about choosing an investment newsletter, consider these alternatives. We’ve reviewed the best stock-picking services along with the best investment newsletters and these are the ones that have come out on top. 

  1. Ticker Nerd is best for investors who want to generate long-term wealth.
  2. Mindful Trader is best for experienced investors who want to day trade stocks.
  3. Morningstar Investor is best for investors who prefer reading detailed stock reports.
  4. Alpha Picks by Seeking Alpha is best for investors looking for data-driven stock picks.
  5. Tim’s Alerts is best for day traders who are looking for daily recommendations.
  6. Zacks Premium is best for do-it-yourself investors.

Next steps

Whether you become a Finimize Premium subscriber or not is your choice. 

However, you should still sign up for their free newsletter, download the app, and start exploring. You will become a better investor and improve your financial literacy in a few weeks of consuming their content. 

Even if you already subscribe to services like Ticker Nerd, having a Finimize membership will still help you in the long run. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does Finimize have a customer support team?

Yes. You can simply contact, and one of the team members will help you.

What’s the cost of a Finimize subscription?

Finimize is free on the basic tier and approximately $69 per year on the premium tier.

How do you signup to Finimize?

Navigate to the website (or download the app) and click “Start Free Trial”. You can also enter your email in the subscription box on the footer to get access to the daily newsletter. 

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